What To Know Before Your Child's First Ski Trip With School


Once your child gets to a certain age, they’ll start wanting to go on school trips. While these typically start as day trips, they subsequently become days-long affairs, often lasting a week or so. These can be stressful experiences for your child and yourself, regardless of how fun they prove to be.

That stress relates to getting prepared for a trip, especially if it’s something you haven’t been on yourself. One of these could be skiing. What do you need to do before your child’s first ski trip with school?

With how common these concerns are, it can be easy to overcome them. Here’s how to make sure your child enjoys ski trips with school.

What To Know Before Your Child’s Ski Trip With School

Know What They Need To Bring

One of the most important aspects of preparing for your child’s ski trip with school is to make sure they’re packed. You might be unsure of what they’ll need to bring. Naturally, their passport and travel documents will be the most important.

What else should you bring? While your child’s school might give you a list, it’s important that certain things aren’t forgotten. The most notable of these are:

  • Ski jacket, pants, goggles, helmet, and other appropriate clothing;

  • Daily clothing;

  • Nightwear;

  • Socks and underwear;

  • Toiletries;

  • Torch;

  • A bag for dirty clothing.

If your child is somewhat disorganised, it could be worth organising their bag for them in an easy-to-understand way. Once you have all of the above, your child should have everything they need. It’s also worth speaking with the school to see if they require anything.

Keeping In Contact

You’ll naturally want to keep in contact with your child while they’re on the trip. In many cases, your school mightn’t let them use their phones or other items during certain times. That could make communication with them an issue.

Your school might put regular updates on an internal website or another platform to keep you up to date. It’s worth speaking with the school ahead of the trip to see what their plan is for this type of communication.

You can also work through any potential communication issues when the trip starts.

Other Factors To Consider

There can be multiple other factors to consider ahead of your child’s first ski trip with school. While many of these will be discussed with the school, it’s worth keeping them in mind. What kind of food and drinks your child will get on the trip, for example, is something you should know.

That’ll let you determine whether you need to give your child money for food and other expenses. There are also the likes of travel sickness and medication to consider. Typically, your child’s school will have a strategy in place for this.

Wrapping Up

Your child’s first ski trip with the school will be a memorable experience for them. They’ll look back on it fondly, and the memories will stick with them for life. That doesn’t mean that getting prepared for it is easy.

Once you keep the above in mind and make sure that you tick off everything on your preparation checklist, everything should go smoothly. While some issues could come up, these will be relatively minor compared to the above.

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