5 tips that can save your trip

Here Are The 5 Tips That Can Save Your Trip

For those with a trip scheduled and eager to getaway. The biggest nightmare would be to forget something very useful, be it clothes, accessories, or even personal documents. We are after all a little bit out of practice with the travel.

In this sense, making a list of items is important, and you really need to think about all the problems that can happen, such as forgetting the charger, breaking the wheel of the suitcase and spilling shampoo over all your luggage. We have all been there at one time or another!

So here are a few things that you could add to your luggage, for a trip away. Whether it be local or more international. 


1 . Portable Chargers

 When you go travelling with children or even alone. You need to bring some items to distract yourself, during the trip. It makes time go so much faster. So make sure you pack your electronics to keep you occupied.

Tablets, notebooks, or mobile phones are part of people's daily routine, and could not be left out of the list of indispensable items. However, always remember to carry a portable battery or charger in your suitcase. You can carry on enjoying your comfort and the need to stay connected. Also, be aware to make sure you know how big of a battery charger you can take if you travel by plane.

2 . Emergency glues and tapes

 In addition to ensuring your checked baggage's safety using a padlock, you need to think about the setbacks that can happen, such as breaking the wheels of your suitcase, opening the sole of your shoe or taking off the bag strap during the trip.

To solve the problem, take iuniversal glues and tapes in your bag or luggage. These could save you at some point during your trip. And don't forget to be careful when handling these types of glues, and if there is contact with the skin, an easy and quick way to remove the product is using warm, soapy water available in many hotels.

 3 . Waterproof mobile phone case

Waterproof cases are very useful on a daily basis and for travel, as they allow you to make the most of your adventure. Whether to protect your phone from contact with dirt and water, some models come with compartments for documents and a strap to take wherever you want. It is cheaper to take one of these, rather than replace a phone that is damaged by water or adventure.

4 . Plastic bags

 There are many rules for travel, mainly related to items that can be carried in your suitcase. If you are making your first international trip, it is worth paying attention to the rules for not being stopped at the airport. You can easily find rules and regulations for each country on their own website.

In addition, you will be more comfortable on national trips if you can take liquids and a quantity of food. Therefore, plastic bags can prevent an accident, such as spilling liquids in your luggage and even compromising your personal items, including hand luggage. Also use these plastic bags for your rubbish, whether travelling national or international.

I also carry a plastic bag when we travel in case my daughter gets travel sick. 

5 . Disinfectant wipes or alcohol gel

 According to WHO guidelines, in times of Coronavirus much is said about wearing masks and using alcohol gel, these being the main ways to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Always make sure you have enough masks and alcohol gels for your journey, the duration of the trip, and the return home.

You can take alcohol gel, in addition to disinfectant wipes that will help in the cleaning of personal objects as you travel and also the seating area, lap trays, etc.

Enjoy Your Trip

Some items may be indispensable for your trip, even those that we use daily in our home. So, have you ever needed anything on our list? Share this experience with us.