The Top Christmas Markets in Germany To Visit

German Christmas Markets

Whether you are planning to spend your Christmas in Germany or are just browsing the world wide web for some Christmas Market info. Here I have listed down some of the top Christmas Markets in Germany. (Note: These are my personal ranking based on my own understanding). Get in the Spirit of the Christmas Markets by wearing your best Christmas outfits, you can personalise them with gingerbread house clipart pictures to suit your personality.


Let begin with the grandiose The Trier Christmas Market. It’s been 40 years since the beginning of this market, and this is without a doubt one of the best markets in all of Germany. It is situated in the medieval main market and Infront we get to see the market with the Trier Cathedral in the backdrop. An amazing frame if I might add so myself. This market is defined as being “romantic with wonderful ambience”


This market could be traced back to 1458. Leipzig is not only the oldest but also the biggest markets in all of Germany with more than 250 Stalls in the centre. The main market place is in the centre surrounded by a Saxon spruce Christmas tree as high as twenty meters. Visitors come to gaze at the tree and be astonished. There really is nothing better than feeling festive, around a beautiful tree, with a snowflake landing on you. With the addition of some performances in the market square stage. 


This annual market is surrounding St. Blasii Cathedral and transforms it into an elegant and luminous place to be in. more than 150 stalls will open in what some might call a historical backdrop. With more than 500 years of history is among the most attractive and atmospheric Christmas markets in all of Germany. It is annually attracting thousands of visitors. Making worthy of this list.


This market is situated at the beginning of the world-famous green corridor. the Lichtentaler Allee. Visitors coming would experience small street stalls where a romantic atmosphere is felt with thousands of shimmering lights. The whole market is encapsulated with the choice program of entertainment targeted towards both old and younger generations.

With more than 100 stalls waiting for your arrival are showcasing a selection of arts and crafts. The younger generation could expect tasty treats and toys for their entertainment. 


The Christmas market in the Berlin West could be seen with an elaborate light installation bathing the market, the palace, the trees and the decorative fence of the palace engulfing it in a romantic glow. The baroque Charlottenburg Palace is an amazing backdrop for this scene. The festive atmosphere is felt with the marquees and wooden huts, decorated entirely with natural materials. It provides a wide range of crafts but also an impressive selection of yummy food choices. 

The Winterwald (winter forest) in front of the small orangery offers magical attractions for children, including a nostalgic carousel, an air swing and a small railway. If you want to visit  Charlottenburg Palace for a tour of the palace or a leisurely walk through its garden. Then you also get to visit a Christmas market outside too, It is the best of both worlds.


Finally, on the list, we have Cologne Market Place. With festive decorations all over the city, you will get right into the Christmas mood. The alleyways are filled with the smell of baked apples, cinnamon biscuits and mulled wine and many differently themed Christmas markets will invite people to stroll, shop and explore.

These Christmas markets tend to attract visitors in the millions. And are no exception to beauty or any other element that might be limiting their elegance. 

We all like to decorate our houses with Christmas flowers, snowmen and snowflake clipart arrangements. But there is nothing better than being there yourself and experiencing the jolly and exciting atmosphere. 

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