Travel Tips and Things to know before you travel to Tokyo (Japan) in 2020

“In Tokyo, we have more three-star Michelin restaurants than Paris” _Nobu Matsuhisa

Are you excited to visit Tokyo?

Tokyo, the most populated city of Japan, maybe your best next destination due to the best foods, a little inexpensive rate, culture and festivals, fashion, natural beauty, city architects, etc.

But wait, you need to know mandatory things before you decide on your trip.

Let’s get started!

International Olympic Games Event 2020:

Take it into consideration that the International Olympic Committee awarded Tokyo to be the host for the 2020 Olympic Games. Due to Covid, this has been postponed until 2021. The government is taking advance steps to be the best hosting country for travellers. Book your trip now if you want to travel to Tokyo.

Booking and Managing Your Money Before:

Pre Booking of rooms in a safe hotel is always a smart trick before going anywhere. This can save your time, money, and comfort otherwise there will be the only option for capsule rooms. Tokyo is a very populated city, so make sure you can get your desired rooms before leaving.

ATM cards may not be operated in Tokyo. So, take Yens with you always

Traffic Rules and Public Transportation: 

You are allowed to walk and drive on the left side of the road. With International Driving Grants, you may be allowed for one year to drive in Japan. Bikes have a limited route on the road. Get a Japanese Rail Pass to travel to other cities at a discounted price. Book it online or through a travel agent (licensed). Follow a lane and do not call on mobile and eat/drink in public transportations. 

Internet Facilities and English Language: 

Manage your hotspot connection or at Haneda or Narita airports, you can secure a connection. There may be a lack of Wi-Fi across the city. Always use Google Maps to navigate somewhere in the city. Don't rely on the English Language, A very less population can understand. Get your local/Google translator for this purpose. 

Best Time to Travel to Tokyo: 

This depends on the type of Weather you like when you travel. However, Best Time is recommended from May to June or September to October depending on various factors: 

· Summer Season: June to September (max. 79⸰F) 

· Winter Season: December to March (min. 36⸰F) 

· Spring Season: March to May 

· Fall Season: October to November 

· Clear Weather (Dry Season): October to March 

· Cloudy Weather (Wet Season): March to October 

· Shortest Day: 9h:44min (on 21 December) 

· Longest Day: 14h:35min (21 June) 

Unfortunately, a lot of earthquakes happen in a year, so plan a Travel Insurance Policy before going and take safety measures of what to do if an earthquake hits. 

Travel Tips as guidelines to know to Tokyo: 

A tip is not acceptable: 

In a restaurant or after a ride, do not give a tip to servants or drivers, as it is considered disgusting. Just be polite and respectable with them. 

Smoking rules in Tokyo: 

Smoking rules are very strict and you cannot smoke everywhere you want. Instead, there are specific places where smoking is allowed e.g. bars, café, subways... 

Cover Your Tattoos: 

Japanese do not find tattoos as an impressing feature. So, there may be a ban in certain places. Be sure to cover them to avoid any problem. 

Insufficient Garbage Bins on Public Places: 

There is a lack of rubbish bins in the city, carry an extra bag to store your waste and dispose of when you find any bin. Follow environment rules and keep your rubbish with you. 

Experience Underground Places in Tokyo: 

You can find a lot of car scenes, shopping centres, clubs, subways, salons, bars and cities (Alice City) in Tokyo. Get guidelines/safety measures and do not hesitate from visiting these places. 

I hope your trip to Tokyo will become an unforgettable memory of life. You will get a great experience to meet the expectations of your travelling passion. 

Thank You for reading. 

Disclaimer: Some countries may have travel bans to Tokyo due to COVID-19 safety measures.