Indonesia --- A Travel Guide to Heaven of the East

Indonesia is one of those countries that everyone wishes to visit. Even if you are not a tourist you have probably heard about it. It is made up of incredible 17,800 islands—something that would take you a lifetime to explore. 

Fun fact: It would take you 49 years if you spend one day on each island. 

It is one of the 17 megadiverse countries on the planet. That means there is something for everyone here.

Although their food is delicious and the people are friendly and lovely, the main reason nearly 20 million people visit it every year is because of the natural areas. From rainforest teeming with wildlife to pristine lakes and exquisite beaches, there is just too much to see and experience. Also don’t forget the volcanos, it has a lot of these as well. It is nearly impossible to talk about each one of its tourist attractions lets just focus on top 3 that are a must see. 


Whenever anyone mentions the best places in Indonesia the first thing that comes up is Bali. That’s for good reason. Almost every tourist who visits the country stops in Bali for some days. Many visitors to Indonesia only see Bali and some of those don’t even leave the beach resorts on the Southern tip of the island. While the beaches, surfing and parties are fantastic, there is much more to Bali than this. 

Bali is not just the beach destination of the country but also the cultural heartland. It is famous for its volcanic mountains, beaches, and coral reefs. The Island is home to the religious sites and foreigners when they visit, are mesmerized by the beauty of mighty mountains beaches. You can’t help but be exalted by the beauty of nature that envelops you. 

Raja Ampat 

Literally translated as four kings, Raja Ampat is billed as “the world’s last paradise” and it does not disappoint. Raja Ampat may not be so well known outside of Indonesia, and for this exact reason, it is worth visiting. It is almost untouched by humans and nature rules here in its purest form. Think perfect sands, tranquil waters, cabin life, no phone signal, just you and something truly magnificent. You will feel like you have travelled to heaven. 

Borobudur and Prambanan Temples 

Borobudur and Prambanan are ancient temples located very close to the town of Yogyakarta, and they are known for being one of the World Heritage sites in Indonesia. Both are huge and impressive temples in Indonesia, but they represent different religions. Borobudur is a Buddhist temple and Prambanan is a Hindu temple. 

The dawn trips may involve getting up ridiculously early, but you’ll beat the crowds and the heat and will also see the temples at their most spectacular as the early morning mist rises. 

Travelling to Indonesia 

An ideal opportunity to travel to Indonesia is during the summer season. From May to September the days are hot, dry, and there's not a downpour cloud in sight! You'll have a brilliant climate for scuba diving, climbing, and lazy days at the seashore. Various scuba divers visit Indonesia every year because all the perfect locations for that are present in Indonesia. 

Indonesia's winter season is from October to April. While there are serious tropical storms practically day by day, the showers just most recent an hour or two and won't ruin your whole day. 

The capital of Indonesia Jakarta is heaven for those who love visiting the streets and local markets. Jakarta is crowded with people and motorbikes. It may be somewhat overpowering to the individuals who don't originate from large urban areas, yet in case you're into road markets, adorable bistros, and flavorful food, you'll love it. 

Fun fact: Jakarta is the most Instagrammed city in the world. 

Let’s not forget about the volcanos. Indonesia has 139 of them. The Krakatoa between Java and Sumatra is perhaps the most famous. Some say it is the largest in the world. 

In short, Indonesia is a heaven for those who love exploring, trekking, hiking, diving, and swimming. You will, surely, explore and love the cultural heritage of this region. 

So, are you ready for time of your life?