Things To Pack In Hand Luggage

Most of us travel with just hand luggage these days. Whether its a quick trip to Europe or a weekend away in the UK. You do need to remember that if you have hand luggage only, you need to stick to the right sizes for the airline's policy. If you go over, then you will end up paying more.

Travelling with hand luggage is so much easier than lugging huge suitcases on a trip, but remember there are things you will need to pop in there. Whether you go by plane, coach or train.

Passports And Tickets

You need these if you are going abroad and you don't want to be faffing about at the airport looking for them in your checked luggage. Carry your tickets and other paperwork in your hand luggage too.
Bum Bag

These are actually perfect for taking as your second piece of luggage on a plane because you can attach it to yourself. It's great if you are only allowed one hand luggage because you can wear this under your clothes, and nobody will know. It is also great for travelling on a coach or train overnight because you can travel in confidence that your valuables are safe. If you go for a foldable bag like the one from Trendhim, then you can pop it away when you don't need it anymore.

The Lannie Bum Bag is strong and has an adjustable strap so you can wear it around your waist or across your body. It is made from polyester and it is waterproof, so it is ideal for all weathers. Inside the bag, you have plenty of space for all of your essentials like travel documents, cash and mobile phone. All though it is sold by Trendhim, it is by no means, just for men. You can get your own bum bag for £39 and it comes in black, green, brown and blue. We also have the 

Hand Sanitizer And Wipes

In the climate that we are living now, you need to keep cleaning your hands. But even before the world fell apart with Covid-19, it was something that we carried in our hand luggage. On a plane, it isn't so easy to wash your hands, so just use a drop of hand sanitizer. If your hand sanitizer is in a big bottle, pour it into a smaller one for travel, like in the photo.  Don't forget your face mask too.  

Drinks And Snacks

This is something that we always take because snacks can be expensive on a plane. Or if we are travelling overnight and don't stop for something to eat. Obviously, if you are flying, you need to buy drinks after security at the airport. You can usually buy a refillable drink from Burger King, then fill your empty bottles. You can carry empty bottles through security. You will find water stations at the airport to fill your reusable bottle too. 

Carrying snacks mean that you won't get hungry on your journey. Sometimes we go to a destination that is quite expensive, so we carry snacks like crisps and healthy snack bars to tide us over and stretch between meals. You can grab a meal deal of sandwiches and take them on the plane. Buy it after security and you have a meal deal for about £4 and it's cheaper than buying a meal on the plane. 

Also, take sweets for the plane. When you take off or land, your ears pop. This can be painful but if you suck a sweet, then it helps with the pain. 

Painkillers and Anti-histamines

I carry paracetamol in case my ears pop on the plane because it can be painful. And I always take Calpol for Tilly. There is nothing worse than being on a 4 or 5-hour flight and not having painkillers on you. It is good to take them to your holiday destination too because language can often be a barrier and you might not be able to explain that you need painkillers. Painkillers can also be soooo very expensive at some destinations. 

I always take anti-histamines because Tilly has a fish allergy, so it's good to give her one before we get on a plane or on to a long bus journey. I usually give her one to settle her down a bit too, because some double as tablets to help her anxiety so she won't stress out about the journey.

Magazines And Book To Read

We have our smart devices and phones to watch movies that we have downloaded but in order to save the batteries, it is better to pack a book or magazines to read too. You never know how delayed you are going to be on your trip. 

You can grab a book or a magazine at the airport if you forget to pack one, and usually by then you know if you are going to be delayed. If you make the use of an airport lounge, you usually get complimentary magazines and if you travel on Stansted Express (first class), then you get free magazines. 

Phone chargers And Plug adaptors

You don't want to be caught short with a phone battery, especially if you are using it to watch movies or listen to music on your journey. If you are travelling on a coach, you can usually plug your phone in to a plug underneath the seat. Most trains have plugs on them to charge phones up, so keep it charged up all the time. 

If you have a portable phone adapter, it's always a good idea to pop it into your hand luggage. then you can top your phone up as you need it. You will need to remember that you cannot have a charger that is over 100 WH in size on the plane. Always buy your portable chargers and appropriate travel plug before you get to the airport, otherwise, you could really pay over the top.