How To Choose A Backpackng Companion

So you have decided to go backpacking? Whether it is across Europe, America or another continent you will have a ball. But is it something that you would like to do on your own or would you rather go with other people? Backpacking is a fabulous way to travel somewhere. You simply buy a train or bus ticket and put all your belongings in a backpack and you go on your way.

I went backpacking across Europe with my 6-year-old and I invited a friend to come along too. It made me feel safer and it was good for me to have someone to share the trip with. But taking a friend isn't always possible and there are many other different options of ways to safely travel. Here are a few ways to help you choose the perfect backpacking companion.

Go With A Friend

Perhaps you have a friend that would love to go on an adventure with you. Although it means you will have to share the destinations that you want to visit. You will enjoy the company of someone that you know, rather than someone you have just met.

You do need to have a reasonably strong relationship with your friend to be able to do this. You need to have similar interests and both be confident enough to do the trip. It's no good going on this kind of adventure if you like museums and early nights. But they like theme parks and night clubs.

You will find that this kind of trip makes your friendship stronger, you will share many special moments together and create some amazing memories together. You will also be able to trust your friend more than anyone else. They will always have your back if anything goes wrong.

Be A Solo Traveller

If you decide to travel on your own or become a 'solo traveller', then you are your own boss and you don't need to worry about anyone else. You can come and go as you please, and be as selfish as you like. there are good and bad things about being a solo traveller.

The best thing is being able to be spontaneous and just go off and do your own thing when you want. You can always make a plan, but change your mind, when the mood takes you. You won't need to worry about anyone else at all. You can have your own space, but occasionally it can get lonely when you're in a country that you don't understand the language. Although you make travelling friends, they will soon go their own way.

The problem is that because you are on your own, there will be nobody to leave your luggage with if you are travelling and need to pop to the loo. If you stay in hotels you will need to pay the single parent supplement for the hotel room if you're on your own. But staying in a hostel, you can share a room with a dozen other like-minded travellers.

Go With Family

There is nothing wrong with travelling with your family. Go with your sibling, parent or child. Although you are likely to argue more with family when it gets a bit stressful. But you can have some fun with them. I have travelled with all of my children at different times. I took the older ones to Europe for a backpacking holiday. We did the whole experience with a tent. Then another time I took the older ones to Ireland for a tent/ backpacking holiday.

With my youngest, Ie have travelled through Europe but decided to use hotels rather than camping. But travelling with children under ten years old can be daunting. Especially if you have chosen to backpack. But our experience was a good one.

Find A Travelling Companion Online

This is obviously more of a gamble than travelling online because you are meeting with strangers. I actually did this when I was travelling to Basel once and I met Anosa at the airport. She is a travel blogger too and although we met up for a few times over the weekend, we still had time for ourselves. It was a perfect meet up. We met through a blogging group and lots of other bloggers were familiar with her, so it felt safe to meet up. You can follow her blog here

You can also use websites like womenwelcomewomen, this website matches women from all over the world and you can go and stay with them, or have them visit you. You pay a membership fee every year and it encourages women from 70 countries to meet up and travel. You could also use Facebook groups to find a travelling companion, although there is nobody to check these people out and you take a risk by meeting someone from Facebook.

Go On An Organised Trip

This is by far the safest of all of the options, if you want to travel without friends or family. This is an awesome way to get to meet people and even though you start the trip as strangers, you usually finish with loads of new friends. My teenage cousin and her friend took a year trip to Australia by using an organised trip company. They helped to sort out visas and flights, as well as accommodation to start with, then you can decide to go off and do your own thing as you feel confident.

Discover The World offers escorted holidays to many people. Whether you are 18 or 38, there is something for everyone. You do tend to pay a little more for these holidays but in the long run, you cannot put a price on safety.

Whatever way you decide to go travelling, remember to keep in touch with your family all of the time and let them know where you are. Backpacking is awesome and I recommend it to so many people as a way to find themselves again.