The Hill Stations of Pakistan

Pakistan is a country rich in natural resources, awful mountains, amazing coastal beauty, lush green fields, and beautiful landscapes. The majestic beauty of hill stations of Pakistan is beyond explanation. I always choose to visit a hill station to embellish my summer vacation with wonderful memories. Pakistan’s hill stations are the best spots if you are a person who wants an escape from the bitter realities of life. You should wait no further and visit Pakistan today.

Here’s a list of several gorgeous hill stations of Pakistan.

  • 1.       Murree
  • 2.       Gilgit
  • 3.       Kalam
  • 4.       Shogran
  • 5.       Malam Jabba
  • 6.       Gorakh Hill Station
  • 7.       Bhurban
  • 8.       Abbottabad

Let me pen down the astounding beauties of Murree.


Murree is also famous as the “Queen of Hills”. Every year thousands of tourists visit Murree from all around the world. It is located at the drive of one and a half hours (64.3km away) from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. It is a marvellous visiting place for the residents of Islamabad. Murree is their perfect choice for spending weekends with their families or friends as it is their nearest picnic location.

Murree is a town rich in history, established by the British as a sanatorium for their soldiers. It remains a local as well as an international tourist destination throughout the year on account of its scenic beauty, soothing environment, and snow-capped hills. It is part of the Margalla Hills and is situated on the outskirts of Himalaya. There are mainly four routes for going to Murree.

The first one is the Old Murree Islamabad road. You can reach Murree only in one and a half hours through this route.

The second route is the 4-lane Expressway. It will take only one hour to drop you at Murree.

These two routes are most commonly used while the other two are a bit longer and require heavy vehicles as the roads of these routes are windy, bumpy and uneven.  

Mall Road is the point in Murree where tourists approach for food and shopping. This is the most crowded place in Murree. Nighttime is ideal for visiting this place, as lights in the night add more elegance to Murree hills and one gets spellbound in its charm. If you go to Murree, you must visit this place.

Chair Lift: Those who visit Murree can’t help taking chair lift. It takes you to Patriata from New Murree. This whole area is covered with profuse, dark forests. There also come some deep ditches during the chair lift journey. You can enjoy the dying beauty of Murree hills in your chair lift adventurous travel. Riding chair lift is the best way to have a glance of the alluring symmetry of the Queen of Hills spread beneath you.

You must visit Murree at least once in your lifetime. I have visited this place two times in my life, I felt goosebumps to see the snowy peaks of this destination. I must share that I left this place with a wealth of serenity and spiritual attachment with nature. Wait no further, visit Murree and accumulate the treasure of lasting memories!