12 Things For Kids To Do At Alba Queen Hotel, Antalya

I had only ever stayed in the Alba Queen with a friend of mine for a girls holiday, so when I took Tilly it was a completely different experience! I wasn't 100% sure if there would be enough to keep her occupied for 12 days, but there actually was, and in fact, she said that there were things that she didn't get round to doing. I had stayed at the Alba Resort before, the sister hotel that is two hotels down, but felt that the queen had a better kids facilities and the position of the kids club was in front of the pool, where she could get to it without going out of my eye line.

So what was she able to do whilst she was on holiday to keep her occupied?
Kids Club, this is three rooms tucked in next to the slides and it has a tv screen, ball pit area and tables to make things as well as loads of toys! Its only open a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the afternoon, so you do actually have to spend some time on holiday with your kid, but its great to be able to know that she is safe and out of the sun for an hour or two in the afternoon, whilst I got to relax and enjoy some child-free time. Having to continually watch your child on holiday is hard work and you do need some time out.

The pool, Its Deep! 1.40 meters to be precise, so you need to ensure your kids can swim before they go in there. There is no shallow end, although if they are not that water confident, there is a small area of steps that you walk into the pool. This is slightly shallower at about 1.20 meters deep. There is also a reasonably sized baby pool, its 40 cms deep and its perfect for keeping babies out of the sun and cooling them down.

The Giant Chess Board, Okay so Tilly spent most of the time pretending she can play chess and she won the games, with her rules. But it gave her something different to do. This is right by the pool area too so you can watch them play as you relax in or by the pool.

Mini Disco, This is every night (except Sunday) at 8.30pm. The songs are in German, but the English kids can still join in. This is where they present you with the certificates that the kids have earned throughout the day.

Pool Bar Activities, These happen in the evening from about 9pm (after mini disco) until 11pm. It is usually making sand pictures, and it costs 5 Euro's but it keeps them entertained whilst you enjoy a few drinks with your family and friends.

Banana Boat! This activity is organised by the kid's animation team and it costs 10 Euros. They get 8 kids together to fill the banana boat and all the kids are properly fitted and checked with a life jacket. Then they climb on the Banana boat. My only fear was that although there was someone watching them from the boat, there was no member of the animation team actually on the banana boat with the kids. To say my heart was in my throat put it lightly - I needed a drink afterwards to calm my nerves.

The Hotel Zoo, Okay, it's not as big as the zoo's that we might find in the UK but it's still a zoo and the animals are well looked after with zoo staff. Finding a zoo in a hotel resort isn't something that you usually expect but it's lovely and takes about an hour to walk around and enjoy. Some of the zoo is in the Alba Resort and you can't get to it unless you go to the zoo with the Mini Club.

The Games Room, is on the Ground floor next to the lobby bar. this is an extra cost, but you would expect it to be extra in a hotel anyway. There is a lot for older kids to do in the games room too. There is a bowling alley, Billiards tables and a few video games.

Pizza Making/ Cookie Making, This is done with the kids club and it's usually done on a Wednesday morning and Tilly was lucky to make cookies. And in the afternoon when they were baked and cooled down, they were offered out to the guests as well as the kids.

Table Tennis/ Ping Pong, This is right next to the pool bar, and you will need to ask for the equipment but its free and keeps the kids entertained for a little while.

The Beach, is a couple of minutes walk outside of the hotel, its perfectly safe to leave the hotel but kids under 12 will not be allowed to leave on their own. The sand is beautiful and the sea is fresh, there are sunbeds to sit and relax as you watch your child play. we didn't actually go to the beach very often because Tilly wanted to be at the poolside the whole time.

CamelsThey come on Turkey night and its a great opportunity for the kids to get up close and personal with an animal that they might not have seen before. You can even ride a camel at a cost of 10 Euro's.

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