Monday, 21 May 2018

Swim Wear And Beach Wear For A Trip To Turkey

Recently we went to Turkey for a 12 day holiday. It was fantastic and the weather hit 35/36 degrees. Something that is never heard of in England! We had a fab time but it was made even more special with the beachwear that we took with us from Simply Beach and Simply Swim.

Everyone wants nice stuff to go on holiday with and this is a round-up post, but I will add the link to the full posts on my lifestyle blog

Sunday, 20 May 2018

First Aid Kits Ideal For Travel

Tilly is always falling off her bike, she gets adventurous and then races off along the seafront and then I have to pick her up off the floor - Thank goodness for cycle helmets to protect her head! But what about the cuts and bruises that she ends up with too? I for one do not carry plasters about in my bag, so I needed an alternative first aid kit for her that she always had whilst on her bike.

We were sent a saddle bag for her bike from SJ Works on Amazon for £27.00 and it pops on the back of her seat and is there in case of an accident. This will save me panicking in the middle of nowhere because I cannot stop her bleeding. The saddle bag contains everything you could need for a small accident, and also some extra bits in case it is a slightly bigger accident. When you order from Amazon, you get it on next day delivery with Prime.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

12 Things For Kids To Do At Alba Queen Hotel, Antalya

I had only ever stayed in the Alba Queen with a friend of mine for a girls holiday, so when I took Tilly it was a completely different experience! I wasn't 100% sure if there would be enough to keep her occupied for 12 days, but there actually was, and in fact, she said that there were things that she didn't get round to doing. I had stayed at the Alba Resort before, the sister hotel that is two hotels down, but felt that the queen had a better kids facilities and the position of the kids club was in front of the pool, where she could get to it without going out of my eye line.

So what was she able to do whilst she was on holiday to keep her occupied?

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

A Visit To Madrid

Thankyou to Marta for her lovely guest post on the blog today. Marta works in Social Media fora living and for fun. Citizen Marta is her project of travel and lifestyle blog.
You can find her on InstagramFacebook and Twitter

First time travelling to Madrid? Don't panic. Here you have a guide to first-time travellers to Madrid, starting with the basics and covering all the places only locals know.

Arriving in Madrid and moving around

Most of you would be arriving at Madrid Adolfo Suarez Barajas. From there, you can take the underground, Metro, to practically everywhere in town, buses (not the best choice, if you don't want to be stuck in traffic) or train, called Cercanias (terminal 4, but a free bus connects all terminals), which connects you with Madrid and surroundings. Madrid is also well connected by train, coach and road, may you want to make it part of a longer trip through Spain.