Taking Tilly To Turkey On Holiday

One month today and I take the first holiday alone with Tilly that I have ever really taken. We have been abroad before, but usually with someone and we have taken day trips by plane but never actually done a holiday with just the two of us. I am so full of emotion, I am excited, I am scared, I am nervous, I am looking forward to it.

I have chosen a hotel that I have stayed in before with friends and I know that they have a good kids club, but I have never used it. The hotel is primarily German and I am worried that Tilly will have problems understanding what is going on but when you're a kid, you just play together, language isn't a barrier. We have chosen Alba Queen Hotel

The Alba Queen hotel and the Alba Royal, both hotels are white with balconies over looking the sea

I have told Tilly she can stay in the kids club whilst I sunbathe, that didn't go down too well! so now she is going to sunbathe too (not that she will catch the sun whilst wearing factor 50). There is so much to do and I am looking forward to some relaxing time - Oh who am I kidding? My kid talks for England and will want to stay with me all of the time! We will likely be the only English people in the hotel so there will be no other English people to chat too. Tilly sleepwalks, so I am worried about her leaving the hotel room in the middle of the night. And my anxiety level is high, but I am sure on the day of the holiday, we will be more relaxed.

An area for the kids to go to mix with other kids

The flight is 4 hours long, so long time in a confined place with a small human is going to be testing for the whole plane, but we will have a fully charged Kindle loaded with her favourite movies. I booked the holiday through Thomas Cook, so in order to make everything as smooth as possible, I have booked a taxi from the airport. We arrive at Antalya at 9pm, Tilly is going to be tired, she will have been strapped in a plane seat for 4 hours and the last thing we will want is to be stuck on a cramped bus that stops at 6 hotels on the way to ours.

Once we are there, no matter what time it is, I am sure she will want to go to investigate the hotel and make plans for the 12 days that we are there. of course, I am really looking forward to going to Turkey. It will be a totally different holiday to what I do with my friends and it is Tilly's first beach holiday. Turkey is full of history and it is going to be full of adventure and education and it's going to be a real experience for her.

Have you booked a holiday this year?