Car Seat Safety Tips For This Summers Road Trips

Today we are talking about car safety in a sponsored post for when you take a driving holiday somewhere. Well, not actually car safety but car seat safety! Sometimes we think our child is safe in the car seat but actually, they might not be. So we are bringing you some tips on keeping your kids safe whilst you go on a road trip in the UK or abroad.

  • Take your Childs coat off before you buckle them into the car seat, this is because if they wear their coat it looks like it bulks them out a little bit but they really aren't and the straps are not tight enough to keep them safe. 
image kindly lent to me
  • Children under 2 years old should be kept in a rear-facing car seat because if you were to have an accident where your child was thrown forward in their seat, this could cause significant harm to their little body. 
  • Make sure your car seat is fitted correctly. Normally when you buy a car seat, the company will fit it for free to ensure it's fitted correctly. 
  • Make sure that your child cannot undo the seat belt that is holding the car seat in place. A few years ago we reviewed a belt lock and it slots over the seatbelt button, so the child cannot push the button to undo the car seat. 
  • Is your child in the correct car seat size? I know many people keep their baby in the first size car set until they are about 9months old. Tilly was 15 months old when she came out of her first size car seat because she was so small. If your child is in the wrong car seat, they are not safe. 
  • Know your countries seat belt laws for driving with children. In the UK, children need to be in a car seat until they are 12 years old or 135cms. The only exception for this is if you're using a taxi for a quick journey but your child needs to be belted in, on an unexpected journey and if there you don't have one of the three car seat cars
  • Make sure the airbag is deactivated if you place your child in the front seat in a car seat.

There is so much to think about when we need to keep our children safe in the car but they are worth all the love and care we spend when we make sure they are safe.

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