Saturday, 28 October 2017

6 Reasons For Taking A Holiday In Term Time

I have booked Tilly's first actual beach holiday to a hot destination and I know I have more than likely broken the law by doing it. But the fact that it's more than half the cost to go on a holiday in term time, just shows us how we are being screwed over by the government as well as the holiday companies that hike their prices up in the school breaks. Something needs to be done to bring the prices down or people like myself will feel they have no option but to book in term time, accept the fine and the slap on the wrists. I am a single parent with only one school-age child so my fine will be £60. But if I was a two-parent family with three kids, my fine would be £360, still cheaper than the cost of a holiday in the school break. This is where the government are losing out because people will still choose to take their child out of school until something is done to bring down the cost of a holiday. I know it is a worldwide thing, but for a family on a budget then it's going to work better to take a holiday in term time.

  1. The price of a holiday is actually over £1000 more if I choose to travel in the summer holidays for 11 days, to the same hotel including all of the extras that have been added to the holiday booking. So booking a holiday for term time and paying the fine of £60 per child, per adult will work out £1000 cheaper for me. The cost of the holiday with all the discounts cost £888.00 in may plus £60 school fine, but the same holiday costs £2180 if we go in the last week of July.
  2. The weather is too hot in Turkey to take Tilly in the Summer holiday, I have known people that have been to Turkey in June or July and burnt so badly that they needed to attend hospital. What is the use of booking a holiday if it's too hot to sit in the sun?
  3. Tilly and I really need a break, Yes I have just got back from Turkey but with Tilly having some real emotional problems at the moment, I was looking for something to give her to look forward to. All the time she has something to look forward to, she focuses on that rather than the negative things in her life. 
  4. Holidays can be just as educational as sitting in a classroom, but you learn more from actually being at a destination, she will learn about a different culture, a different history and experience ruins from Side. She will meet people from different countries and she will learn different languages first hand. You can't experience this from being in a classroom. Sometimes you need to be in a situation to actually take it in and learn.
  5. In England, Section 444 of the Education Act states it's an offence to fail to make sure your child goes to school "regularly". But it all hinges on exactly what's meant by the word "regularly" Tilly attends school regularly as it is and her attendance is 97% as off today, by May it will be nearly 100%. So as a regular attendee of school, we should not be penalised for taking some time off for a holiday because our budget only allows a holiday in term time. 
  6. I suffer from anxiety, I struggle with busy places and with people I don't know. Tilly is struggling with anxiety at the moment and I don't want to take her somewhere that is going to be busy and there be too many people. The hotels get so busy when its the summer school break, so why would I want to put us in that situation? This is the first actual beach holiday that I will have taken Tilly to and the first time I have travelled abroad with her. Whenever we have been away before, someone has always come with us. This holiday is a first in so many ways, and I really don't want to have to worry about anxiety once I am out there. 
Prices for July, 11 nights all inclusive

Prices for May, 11 nights all inclusive

I could lie and say Tilly is ill and take her away, but people that do this are actually just a bit stupid! With this time of social media, you will slip up and someone will tell the LEA that you're on holiday. Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to taking time off school. I will be honest and will ask for permission from the school, The website advises that you can get permission if you contact the head of the school with valid reasons for your holiday and that although these have to be exceptional reasons, there is no clarification of what is actually an exceptional reason. To me - I think my reasons are exceptional. 

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  1. I think you're a wonderful Mum for doing this. Family time is so precious and it's one of the most important gifts we can give our children. I've sure you'll have a wonderful time. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. I agree, prices are insane during school holiday time. One solution could be a floating week that can be used any time for hols with exception of exam time. As you said - a holiday can be an education itself especially for the little ones.

  3. Unfortunately, we won't be able to do this from next year as my eldest starts preschool, but as long as we can get away with it, will try once a year or so. I believe family travel time just as valuable as a math class. Having said that, if schools would be more flexible on this, that would be great. #familytraveltips

  4. It's so annoying that there is a fine in place for taking your children out of school during term time, a one off isn't going to hurt, I hope you have a lovely holiday and the £1000+ you've saved!xx

  5. These are all really valid reasons, and I totally agree with you! I think it's criminal how much prices go up during the holidays!

  6. Woah I knew that it was cheaper to go in term time but I had no idea that in same cases it can be over 1,000 more that is insane! x

  7. The price differences are ridiculous and I think you have fair reasons for booking this holiday. It sounds like you both deserve it so I hope you're not given too hard a time by the school #familytraveltips

  8. Personally, even I don’t prefer going to places that are too crowded. I don’t even enter a shop that’s crowded as I prefer having the shop all by myself but since that’s not possible, I prefer going to places when they’re least crowded.


  9. i work in education so i do have to wait till the school holidays to take go on holiday. It's a nightmare as its so expensive.

  10. We usually have to pull my son from school when we go on holiday otherwise it’s just too expensive. Wishing that airlines and hotels could be a little more sensitive to families with kids in school.

  11. It is a shame that there are price hikes. We have taken our eldest out of school a few times for holidays but never faced a fine. I think they learn so much more when they are out exploring in a different country. #familytraveltips

  12. I totally agree, we will be taking our children out for a whole year to travel. Family time is more important and they can catch up with anything they miss. Thanks for linking up with #familytraveltips