How Can I keep My House Safe When I Am Away?

Being a travel blogger, we are often away a lot and it worries me about leaving my house insecure. It used to be fine because I could get up with Tilly and maybe Kim and we would decide to go away over night. It would be fine because there was always another teenager staying at home. Now, these days we are living on our own, so when we go away our home can be left unattended for a day or two, with only occasional popping in from the older kids.

I always make sure that my house insurance is up to date but also looking at other options for home security. my friend Anita at has recently purchased a home security system, so now of course - I want one! One that I have been looking at is Smarthome Panasonic, which has a system that you can build on as your family or situation changes in life. It is a system that comes with a hub, an indoor camera, 2 door sensors and a wall plug timer (smart plug). The system is then set up around your home and you have peace of mind when you go away.

It's easy to set up because you pair the hub with the devices included in your pack. This is done with one click of a button. If you decide to add more to the home safety system, it is easily done by using the same method. The devices will work up to 300 metres away from the hub, So you can place the camera in the garden and have it focused on your house. Then have the two door alarms placed on the front and back door. The smart plug is used to switch your appliances on and off at a certain time, so it looks like someone is at the property. It's also ideal for children that need a light on through the night in their room. You can set it to switch on in the evening and switch off when its morning.

The Home safety system is controlled manually whilst you're at home or on the smart device that you have. All you need to do is download the free app and set it all up, there is no additional fee's once you have bought the security system. So the initial outlay of £229 is all that you pay. The system can grow with your family and you can add cameras in the rooms that your children sleep in, this gives you peace of mind if you go out of the house and into the garden.

The camera in the system also has 2-way communication and you can talk to people in the view of your camera - even if you're halfway across the world. If you are away and leave the rest of your family at home, you can also look in and check on them. The camera also has an SD slot to hold a card for filming the activity around your home whilst you are away. To be able to use this, you will need a WIFI connection, iPhone 4 or above, iPad with ios 6 or above or an Android tablet/phone 4.0 or above.

You could also get someone in to House sit your house whilst you travel. This helps someone to get a budget holiday and ensures someone is in your house to keep it occupied. Please make sure that you go to a proper website to do this. You can find more details here

This was a collaborative post with Panasonic