Saturday, 8 July 2017

How Can I keep My House Safe When I Am Away?

Being a travel blogger, we are often away a lot and it worries me about leaving my house insecure. It used to be fine because I could get up with Tilly and maybe Kim and we would decide to go away over night. It would be fine because there was always another teenager staying at home. Now, these days we are living on our own, so when we go away our home can be left unattended for a day or two, with only occasional popping in from the older kids.

I always make sure that my house insurance is up to date but also looking at other options for home security. my friend Anita at has recently purchased a home security system, so now of course - I want one! One that I have been looking at is Smarthome Panasonic, which has a system that you can build on as your family or situation changes in life. It is a system that comes with a hub, an indoor camera, 2 door sensors and a wall plug timer (smart plug). The system is then set up around your home and you have peace of mind when you go away.