Why We Wont Book Through Booking.Com Again

When we travelled Europe last summer we booked about 90% of the accommodation from Booking.com. We were happy with our choices apart from one accommodation in Budapest.  So on my recent trip to Basel, we booked Rent-A-Home Eptingerstrasse from Booking.com and paid in full for the 'apartment'.
So roll on our trip to Basel and we checked into our hotel and we were placed on the fourth floor. A bit annoying because there was no elevator and we had to walk up the stairs all the time. Walking down isn't so bad but oh my days you need the energy to climb up. The stairs were wooden and every time we walked up them, it sounded like a herd of elephants, the whole building echoed with the sound of stairs. The 'apartment' turned out to be a room! A bit disappointing but it was clean and we were tired. The room was basic but was advertised as coming with a balcony, DVD player and kitchen.  None of these were in the room at all, I even looked in the wardrobe for some kind of mini kitchen.

I was very disappointed that I had been sold a property that was not as advertised on the Booking website. It was 32 degrees and as we were on the fourth floor there was no air in the room, I even opened the window wide to let the air in. I opened the room door to let a draught come in from the stairway, but we couldn't leave the door open all night. I emailed booking.com asking the property for a fan and I was told that the rooms do not come with air conditioning and there was nothing they can do. That night my daughter was violently sick in the room. I was up and in the shower cleaning our bedding at 4 AM. After that, I had to just keep making sure Tilly was kept cool by squirting her throughout the night.

We had taken food out as it was advertised as a kitchen being on the property so that was a big waste of time and money! It meant that we had to eat out all of the time and dump the food that we had brought over with us. An expense that I didn't need! There was a shared bathroom, which I had expected, but it didn't say in the description that it literally was one bathroom, the toilet and shower were in one room, so if you need the loo and there is a queue for the shower or someone is in the shower - you have no hope! This one and only bathroom was put out of action when someone got really drunk and threw up all over the bathroom. Nobody could use it until the cleaners came in the following morning. Although not a fault of the rental company, its something you need to consider if you stay here. On my last full day, I had a cleaner knocking on the door and asking why I hadn't checked out. He was expecting to clean the room and we had paid until the following morning but he was under the impression that we should have left.
When I returned to the UK, I contacted Booking and they were very helpful on the phone and they tried to chase it up with the company. I felt like they listened to my complaint and that I had been mis-sold a property to stay in. But then I received an email to say that they rely on the company to provide correct information for the booking and ''because the properties themselves provide all the data on their facilities, they are also responsible for all the information provided to you.'' So basically they were not going to chase up the complaint and passed the buck to the accommodation, I seemed to have no back up from Booking.com and they seemed happy with the reply that they had sent me. Of course, when you book accommodation like this, you always take a risk, but I had used booking before and was confident that the property would be as described. Unfortunately, it wasn't and I have been let down and now all trust I have in the company has gone. We are planning on taking a month long trip to Europe again next year - unfortunately, we won't be booking through Booking.com and we certainly will advise people not to book

I feel totally let down by the company and the hotel. My child was ill by staying in the property and that is something I will not be forgetting in a while!