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Hi. I'm Nicola, I'm 31 and live in Liverpool with my husband and our 11 month old baby Dex. I am a hardcore travel addict, but my big travel plans have had to be put on hold for the past year while I grew a baby, nurtured it and saved a huge chunk of my pitiful maternity wage in order to buy a new home for us all to live in. I have been all of the globe and have so many places in mind to visit over the next 30 years. I am so excited to take Dex on our future travels with us and believe that a well-travelled child will be more open to new experiences, cultures and languages

What's the name of your blog?
My blog is called Mummy to Dex. It’s a parenting and lifestyle blog that focuses on my journey as a new Mum to my little boy Dexter James.

Why did you start it up?
I initially started the blog because Dex was sleeping four times a day for up to two hour at a time and I was bored. The writing gave me to something to do and kept my brain functioning during those early newborn days. I had no idea I would still be writing eight months later.

Are you on Social media too?

I am indeed. My favourite is Instagram which I started using prolifically when I was pregnant. I started using Twitter more when I started blogging and also set up a Facebook page. Pinterest is something I’ve only been using since January, but I love finding new creative ideas and inspiration there.

What kind of travel do you write about on there?
I haven’t written much about travel on my blog as of yet because we haven’t been away as a family. I am a huge fan of travelling and over the past seven years have been to every continent. I cannot wait to start sharing my passion for travel with Dexter, but at the moment we are saving to buy a house and I have been on maternity pay, so travel hasn’t been possible. This is all going to change at the end of the year.

Where is your favourite destination and why?
My favourite destination is Thailand. My husband and I have been there twice now and we love the contrast between the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and the lazy slow feel of one of the islands. We usually spend a week in the city before moving on to Phuket. We love temple hopping, sampling the street food and lazing in the pool in a five star hotel. We are so excited to take Dexter so he can immerse himself in the wonderful culture.

What are your must-have travel items?
A lightweight backpack, because I love to travel around while I abroad. Six years ago I went to Japan and I took a 20kg suitcase which was not conducive to getting around the country. The metro and train stations don’t have lifts which are incredible in a country which is so technologically advanced, and I struggled massively to lug this ridiculously heavy entity around. Ever since I have taken a backpack with only a few essentials. As a mum, my travel essential would be a lightweight stroller so baby can sleep during the day and in the evenings without you being tied to the hotel room.
What is the worst destination you have ever visited?

Marrakesh. I had wanted to visit Morocco for years and years and I finally got the opportunity in 2011. From the minute we arrived, we encountered problem after problem. I wasn’t ready in the slightest for the number of people who wanted to take advantage of us and try to get money out of us. It started at the airport when I got into an argument with a taxi driver about whether the bus I wanted to take would go near to our accommodation. In the end, I believed him, but I had been right all along and the taxi ride not only cost us double what it should have, he gave our luggage to a local man with a wheelbarrow who proceeded to wheel our belongings to our hostel which cost another $10. It was an extremely stressful few days and I was glad to leave. I will definitely return to Morocco one day, but this time I will be prepared. You have to be on guard at all times!

What is the longest time it took to get to your destination?
Australia. Seven hours to Doha. An eight hour layover. Fourteen hours to Melbourne. This was in 2012 and despite us loving every single second of our trip, we haven’t been back…yet. I think next time we will do two layovers if possible and avoid a long wait in the airport. Our flight only cost £600 each though, so at the time, the long layover was worth it.

Would you prefer lots of weekend breaks or one long haul holiday?I try to do both (when we have the money!) but I couldn’t cope without my big long haul holiday. We usually do it in the Easter holidays when prices are a little bit cheaper. It’s hard with my husband being a teacher to find good prices in school holidays.

What is the first holiday you remember as a child?

We went to malta four years in a row, to the same hotel so those years sort of merge into one. We would go for two weeks and it was absolute heaven. There were five pools, one indoor and a beach across the road. We went on many excursions, I made lots of friends and I would swim and swim and swim. Such happy memories that I want Dexter to have as well.

Is there anywhere you really want to go, but know its just out of reach?Yes, I want to go to New Zealand to see my friends Craig and Kamon but it is unlikely to happen because I can never take more than two weeks in a row off work and two weeks is not long enough. It is such a long flight so I would want to have a few stop offs, probably in Dubai, Singapore and somewhere in Australia and I would like to fly back the other way, stopping off in LA to see my brother in law and New York. This trip is probably only going to happen when I retire OR if I manage to get a few weeks off in a row one day.

Do you have any stamps in your passport? Where are they from?

I have a few stamps. Morocco, Qatar, UAE, Australia, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia.

Have you ever travelled on your own or gone on holiday on your own?
Yes I used to travel on my own regularly before I met my husband. I went to Naples and Rome alone and then did a big trip from Venice-Bremen-Kaunas-Tampere-Riga. It was exciting to travel alone but could also be very lonely and sometimes scary. Naples was the worst. So many men wanted to talk to me. They would whistle at me and pull over their cars onto the pavement. I completely took it in my stride at the time (24 years old) but looking back now, I feel scared!

Do you take your tablets, phones etc on holiday or do you have a tech-free holiday?I absolutely take all the tech! We sit by the pool playing Candy Crush, although all this will have to change now we have the little one! I use my tech to take photos and create memories so there is no way I could leave it at home.

Who would be your dream holiday partner?

My husband; he is helpful at carrying my backpack when it gets too heavy and lets me do all the planning for the trip, which quite frankly, is my favourite part of travelling!


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