Meet The Travel Blogger - Jennifers Little World

Hello, I’m Jennifer and I blog at about all the things that we get up to as a family. I live on the South Coast with my two children Harry and Mia, and as a family we love to travel whether abroad or closer to home. We are lucky enough to get away several times a year and I love sharing the places that we’ve visited.

*What's the name of your blog?
Jennifer’s Little World

*Why did you start it up?
I originally started the blog to share photos of the children with family members. I still do that, but it has developed into a place where I can write about myself too, the crafts that I do and the things that I’m thinking about. I used to write detailed diaries and scrapbooks, and the blog has replaced that, especially when it comes to recording our holiday memories.

*Are you on Social media too?
Yes, you can find me on Facebook (, Twitter (@jenniferjain), YouTube (, Instagram ( and Pinterest (

*What kind of travel do you write about on there?
I write about everything, from local day trips, to weekends away, to our longer holidays. I often like to write an accommodation review of the place that we’ve stayed, along with photos and sometimes a video, to help out anyone that might be doing research into the destination. I also like to share photos of the fun that we have had as well as tips that might help others.

*Where is your favourite destination and why?
It’s so hard to choose just one! I do love the west coast of the US, in particular San Francisco, as long as I’m not driving. A gorgeous climate, beautiful scenery and lots to see and do. I also really enjoyed travelling along the coastline between Adelaide and Melbourne, such lovely sandy beaches and a really relaxed way of life. Closer to home I loved the architecture in Bratislava and I have a soft spot for Germany, having spent a year living there as part of my degree.

*What are your must-have travel items?
I always pack plenty of plastic bags – for dirty washing, wet clothes, rubbish, and keeping everything corralled together. Plenty of snacks for the journey, especially if we are travelling to a country where the food might be unfamiliar to the children. A pen and paper for keeping a diary and playing games with the children and of course phone chargers.

*What is the worst destination you have ever visited?
I’ve been very lucky in my travels, and also have a husband that is meticulous with his research, so we’ve not had any terrible experiences! But I’m not very keen on Naples, I’ve been there a couple of times and found it quite dirty, crowded and with dodgy taxi drivers. However, that is mitigated by the fact that you can eat the best pizza in the world there!

*What is the longest time it took to get to your destination?
My longest flight was with my husband just after we were married when we flew to Singapore, I think it was 13 hours but luckily it was overnight so we were able to sleep, and it was before children so much easier! In October we are flying with the children to Hong Kong which will be 14 hours – it’s going to be a bit of a mission!

*Would you prefer lots of weekend breaks or one long haul holiday?
I would probably prefer the weekend breaks, as long as they could be short haul ones! Or else one long haul holiday that took in several different destinations. I like variety!

*What is the first holiday you remember as a child?
I was taken on holiday to the beach at Weymouth when I was very small, which I can just about remember. Our family holidays when I was little were usually Eurocamp holidays in France which I have very happy memories of.

*Is there anywhere you really want to go, but know it's just out of reach?
I really want to visit Hammerfest in Norway, which claims to be the northernmost city in the world. I’ve been fascinated by it ever since I read about it in a book by Bill Bryson. It’s a lot easier to get to than it was when he visited (I think he spent 30 hours on a coach!) and in fact, my parents visited it on a cruise just a few months back (I was very jealous!). It’s just that it’s a bit out of the way and probably not somewhere that you’d make a special trip to. Perhaps I’ll get there one day!

*Do you have any stamps in your passport? where are they from?
In my current passport, I have a couple of stamps from the US and one from the Dominican Republic.

*Have you ever travelled on your own or gone on holiday on your own?
I’ve never been on holiday on my own but when I was studying in Germany I got used to flying back and forth from Stuttgart on my own. I think I’d get lonely going away by myself, I like to have someone to share things with.

*What the favourite travel post that you have on your blog?
I was really pleased with this post about Center Parcs De Vossmeren in Belgium Along with my posts about the other Center Parcs in Belgium that we’ve visited, Erperheide, I hope that it will inspire people that love Center Parcs but are put off by the high prices in school holidays to have a look at the parks on the continent. It also contains a couple of videos that I was very proud of.

*Do you take your tablets, phones etc on holiday or do you have a tech-free holiday?
We take all the tech! We’ve been on cruises before where we’ve not had wi-fi (far too expensive!) but we still take the phones to use as cameras and the tablets with films and games pre-loaded for the children. I like to keep in touch and of course, it’s much easier to keep the children entertained when you have the tech.

Who would be your dream holiday partner?
It would have to be my husband, we’ve shared so many travel adventures together and had some amazing experiences.