Booking A Holiday Through HolidayGems

Oh my days, we have finally done it! We have booked to go back to Turkey in October. Going to Turkey is quite a big thing for me because I am a single parent and I go out about once every 3 years for a good old piss up down the pub. When I go to Turkey with my friends all we do is go to the bar or lie on a sun lounger around the pool. Two weeks of child-free bliss where I can let rip and be Vicky instead of Mummy. We always book our holidays through Thomas Cook but this year they seemed to have hiked the price up ALOT! So instead we have booked through Holiday Gems.

We searched the internet for ages and absolute ages, in fact it got to the point that our eyes hurt with the searching. We found a good deal on Holiday Gems and phoned them up. We spoke to a lovely lady called Finn, who answered our questions and actually found us a better deal than what we had found on the website. We booked little extras like cancellation policies and they put notes on our account to help with our needs.

The customer service was fantastic and we would really recommend them to anyone. Holiday Gems are ATOL protected and you get all of your certificates as soon as you make the booking because they are send to you through Email.

So where are we going?

We have booked the Alba Resort in Antalya, We went to the resort a few years ago but it wasn't open last year so we ended up at the Alba Queen. 

Our holiday cost us over £200 less by booking our holiday this way. We have the benefit of not having to pay for the rest of the holiday until 4 weeks before we go and with Thomas Cook, it was 12 weeks before we go. Don't get me wrong. Thomas Cook is a good company to go with and the girls in our local branch are just awesome. But it didn't suit us this time round. Now we are just waiting for October when I get my child free holiday :)