Meet The Travel Blogger - Tillys Travelling Telegram

I love reading about different people's travel ideas, there are so many places to visit and everyone's idea of a holiday is different, I have asked some different travel bloggers to share their ideas of holidaying with or without their families. So over the next few weeks, we will feature some amazing bloggers, please check them out, follow and like them. To kick start it all off, we are starting with highlighting our blogs and the travel that we love to do.

What's the name of your blog? and

Why did you start it up? I started the travel blog because Tilly wanted to travel in Europe in the summer and I thought a new travel blog for our adventures was in order.

Are you on Social media too? Yes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

What kind of travel do you write about on there? I write mostly about family travel but have also written about adult only trips too

Where is your favourite destination and why? My favourite destination at the moment is Budapest. I just love how beautiful the city is. When we went last summer, it was hot and there was so much history there. The people were lovely and I really want to go again

What are your must-have travel items? Baby wipes and water spray.

What is the worst destination you have ever visited? I don't think there is the worst destination but there is a worst hotel! When we went to Budapest we checked into a hotel and it was filthy, we soon checked out!

What is the longest time it took to get to your destination? That would have to be Jamaica, We travelled through Nova Scotia and because of there being a strike at Montego Bay airport, we had to wait in Nova Scotia for about 3 hours. We weren't allowed to get off the plane. It was worth it when we arrived.

Would you prefer lots of weekend breaks or one long haul holiday? I prefer them both, City breaks are fab for little getaways but long haul is better for relaxing.

What is the first holiday you remember as a child? Butlins with all the extended family, Life was so much easier back then. I remember the old holiday camp activities too like Miss Butlins! I would frown at that now.

Is there anywhere you really want to go, but know it's just out of reach? There are many places I want to go. I want Tilly to experience destinations that the older kids did. I want to go back to Jamaica, I want to go to China and I want to go to India. But due to finances, these are all out of my reach.

Do you have any stamps in your passport? where are they from? I have stamps going into Turkey and leaving Turkey

Have you ever travelled on your own or gone on holiday on your own? No, but I really want to. It will be lovely not to have to worry about anyone else and being able to do what I want to do.

What the favourite travel post that you have on your blog? I love all of my posts but this one reminds me of how carefree Tilly was on the trip last summer

Do you take your tablets, phones etc on holiday or do you have a tech-free holiday? NO! I could never cope without tech, I would be bored as I need my daily fix of social media.

Who would be your dream holiday partner? On an adults only holiday it would have to be Prince Harry, he knows how to party like me. But on a holiday with kids, it would have to be Kim from, because she is my grown up daughter and we love our family breaks.