Meet The Travel Blogger - Devon Mama

Devon Mama is run by Hayley - a 30-year-old mama, wife and recovering sleep addict. Living with my husband, baby and the world’s bounciest dog in rural Devon, She can usually be found attempting to cook, Googling everything and embracing the strange new world that is parenting. Add in a house with ‘a lot of potential’ and a return to my ‘real’ job as a Company Director and it’s organised chaos at the best of times.

What's the name of your blog?

My blog is called Devon Mama (, I felt it summed up who I was and gave people an idea of what to expect… I’m a mum, I live in Devon! Why did you start it up?
I started Devon Mama when I was pregnant as a way of clearing my mind and documenting things. I think I posted a handful of times before ignoring it and focussing on my pregnancy and the birth of our little boy. When he was around 4 months old (September 2016), I decided I needed to get myself a bit of ‘me’ back. I knew I needed to learn more about social media for work purposes so I threw myself into blogging to give me a combination of the two. In October I went self-hosted and the rest is history!

Are you on Social media too?
I am. I love social media, although it can be a bit all encompassing at times. It’s hard reminding myself to put the phone down and spend quality time with my family rather than tweeting or talking on Facebook. I love the beauty of Instagram but you can’t beat Twitter for keeping you entertained and helping you meet other like-minded people! You can find me at:

What kind of travel do you write about on there?
I write about days out that we’ve enjoyed, the majority of them being local, Devon-based places. Occasionally I’ll pop in a holiday review or somewhere more exotic… I need more holidays in my life so those posts let me live vicariously! 

Where is your favourite destination and why?
In terms of holiday destinations, we went to Sri Lanka on honeymoon. The people, the fairly unspoilt culture, the locations... they all combined to make it a wonderful memory. That said my favourite destination has to be Canada. I travelled extensively there one Summer and it occupies a special place in my heart. I love the way of life, the space and the people there. If I could live anywhere it would be there… providing I could move everyone I knew with me, of course!

What are your must-have travel items?
A small extension lead – giving you four plugs from one adaptor (and helping bring the phone charger a little closer!)

A handbag friendly pack of wet wipes – travelling is a grubby job and a quick clean can make a world of difference! They also double as loo roll if desperate!

Immodium – let’s face it, it’s always better to be prepared! I always have a couple of the ‘instants’ in my bag just in case the moment strikes, especially as I’m all for trying street food!

What is the worst destination you have ever visited?

I used to travel extensively with work in Asia, I can honestly say that the town that housed the majority of our suppliers was pretty hideous. We caught an overnight train from there back to the nearest city and were the only non-Asians in the train station. The ladies loo was a gutter down the middle of a room, with small partitions every so often about 60cm high. It meant you could squat to wee whilst staring at the people next to you or risk looking down and seeing their waste float on by! We also had to eat a lot of local delicacies such as deep fried Maybugs or steamed sea slugs… it was a definite experience and I’m grateful to have had it but I was SO pleased to get back to a normal hotel and proper loo!

What is the longest time it took to get to your destination?

I’ve been to Australia before so that’d be it. Around 35 hours… eurgh! My brother has lived there for the last two years, the thought of the journey to see him has put me off so far, especially with a baby in tow!

Would you prefer lots of weekend breaks or one long haul holiday?

I love a weekend break but I think a long haul holiday gives a better chance to actually relax. It always takes me a while to unwind, a weekend just doesn’t cut it. In fact, it makes me need another weekend!! Can I be greedy and say a combination? Maybe some long weekends?!

What is the first holiday you remember as a child?
I remember vividly going to France a lot as a child. My parents ran their own business where they created a catalogue each summer, the minute they finished it they’d pack us into the car and we’d leave. It was often a case of them finishing at midnight and us driving off at 2am! I remember sitting in the car surrounded by toys and driving for hours to get to the ferry, cycling around the Keycamp campsite or practicing our bad French in the local town. It makes me quite nostalgic thinking about it!

Is there anywhere you really want to go, but know its just out of reach?I would love to go travelling again, explore India and Asia properly but it’s unlikely at the moment due to our jobs, mortgage and baby!! A bit closer to home is Iceland. I just can’t see us getting there just yet but still!

Do you have any stamps in your passport? Where are they from?My passport is filled with stamps! They include; America, Canada, Sri Lanka, China (multiple visas), India and Israel. I was worried about having the Israel stamp in there as I’d heard it can sometimes cause issues with entering other countries but it’s never been an issue. I went with work but managed to do some sightseeing, it’s a really interesting country… great food and great people!

Have you ever travelled on your own or gone on holiday on your own?
No! I flew back from Australia on my own but aside from that, it’s always been with others. I’m not sure how I’d cope travelling alone. I like company too much!

What the favourite travel post that you have on your blog?
I posted a day out post about Stourhead which I love. It was one of the first ‘family’ days out we took and the photos remind me of visiting one of my favourite places with my favourite people.

Do you take your tablets, phones etc on holiday or do you have a tech-free holiday?
We’re tech people. My husband is a web developer and the thought of not taking technology with us makes us both a little sweaty. We both like to stay connected when we’re away. It’s nice to switch off during the day but have the option of a little catch up every now and then! Plus it’s great for watching movies!

Who would be your dream holiday partner?
David Attenborough? He always seems to be in just the right place at the right time to see some spectacular sites, or atleast his team do. I should probably say my husband though, or my son. Just, you know, in case they’re reading…