Tips For Visiting Budapest

Budapest is by far one of our most favourite cities in the world, We first went there is August last year as part of our European adventure and we are desperate to get back there. We had never been to Hungary before and we didn't really know what to expect when we got to Budapest, So we wanted to make a post of some of the things to know before you go. You can read about our trip here

Change your money before you go

We didn't have much Hugarian Florents before we went as we thought that we could change it up when we got there, but we arrived at 8pm and there was nowhere open to get money. Also the tourist information closed quite early in the day at the station, so get all of your details ready before you arrive.


We went in August and it was very hot indeed, It was as hot as it had been on my holiday to Antalya in October. Possiblya bit too hot for Tilly but she coped. We just made sure we were rehydrated all of the time. May/June/ time , it is usually about 20 degrees whereas in July/October it can get as high as 30 degrees. Then from September it gets pretty much a lot cooler.

The Food

Goulash (Gulyas) is Hungarys national dish, you really should try this then you are there, It is not the stew that everyone expects it to be, its actually like a soup with Beef, onions and tomatoes. porkolt is actually a stew, it is a pepper stew and food that we would confuse as a goulash. Food and drink is extremely cheap in Hungary, we were able to eat out most nights and still be in budget. But some tourist places charge a lot for drinks, especially if it is really hot.


You do not need a visa if you are visiting from EU countries, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I am not sure what will happen when we leave the EU - only time will tell.

Turkish Baths

Go and visit a Turkish bath, I went with Tilly to the Skt Lucaks Turkish baths and although kids were allowed, she did get frowned upon. So it did make me feel slightly uncomfortable. They are not swimming pools like we are used to, they are relaxing places and you can enjoy different baths and saunas. You might have to pay extra for a separate changing cubicle instead of a public changing room. Also if you buy the Budapest card, you get a trip to the baths included.

Local Travel System

As well as the main station of Keleti, It is so easy to use the public transport in Budapest. They have a small metro system which is really easy to use. It is very old fashioned compared to the underground system in London, but it is quaint and it wouldn't look right if it was modernised. There is a tram system to get you around the city and also many buses to get you from A -B. There is also a small tram system.

Tourist places to visit

We took a hop on - hop off bus when we visited Budapest, I believe its the best way to see a city. You get driven right up to the tourist attractions and just get on another bus when you are ready to go again. Use the hop on - hop off bus to go to the funicular that takes you up Castle Hill, then when you're up there you will find the Hungarian National Gallery. We were followed around by a member of staff and made to feel uncomfortable but it was worth a visit as it was a lovely place to visit. There are also boat trips on the Danube River, it is worth doing this too as you get to see so much more of Budapest.

Tourist Information 

Check out websites of Budapest before you go, there is and also The tourist information centres are easy to find. There is one at Keleti train station and one at 1052 
Budapest, Sütő u. 2. (Deák Square) Open: 8–20. Also there will be Tourist Information at Ferenc Liszt Airport in Budapest. You can easily plan an itenary before you go to Budapest by using websites and recommendations.

Discount Cards

We used a Budapest card and it gave us 72 hours of unlimited travel and free entry and discounts to many museums. It also gave us one free visit to Skt Lucaks Turkish baths. The Budapest cards mean that you dont have to worry about getting individual bus tickets and you can just get on and ride all day if you wish. Prices start at 17 Euros for 24 hours