Ten Tips When Travelling With Kids

Travelling with kids can be quite difficult, especially if they are still little and don't like to sit still. I was lucky with Tilly, she has always travelled, it might have only been in this country until she was 4 years old, but she does like travelling and exploring new places. She is scared a little bit of flying but once she realises that she isn't going to fall out of the plane, when it banks, then she is fine. I have always got her to carry her own little back pack when ever we go anywhere, even if its just for the day.

So what do I always make sure that I have when I travel with Tilly?

Sweets - These are for the plane so that she can suck them as we take off and land. I have forgotten to give them to her in the past and I learned this trick the hard way. When she first flew, it was a trip to Norway to see her brother. Her ears popped on the plane and it left her in pain for the next two days. Luckily I had the next item on the list, to help with the pain.

Calpol - Take it every where! If you are travelling to a foreign country it is better to take it with you, rather than have to struggle with your language barrier and try to buy some. You never know if you're getting the right thing. You don't even need to buy a bottle of it, you can get the sachets.

Travel sickness pills - Tilly had never really suffered until we went on a really long car journey to Wales. She started to feel sick in the car and we had to stop at a service station to buy some travel sickness pills. That was an expensive lesson learned! So now I always take them.

First Aid Kit - Plasters and wipes to clean a cut up. Tilly is always falling over, so I find it easier to take some plasters and wipes in a little purse, just in case. Although when we went to Europe, I did take half of a pharmacy with me! I came home with it all though as she never had one accident.

Toys - I know they can take up a fair bit of space but if it gives you some peace and quiet then it is totally worth the trouble. Tilly is allowed to take one toy when she travels. Although when she was little, she also took her Trunki that doubles as a ride on toy.

Gadgets - You can get WIFI now almost anywhere in the world. So it makes sense to take their Ipad or Kindle. Tilly has a Kindle and access to Amazon Prime, so She can usually access that from anywhere as well as Netflix. If you are going on holiday, it is worth using the one month free on Netflix and watching some movies or programmes together if the weather is pants on holiday. Some planes also have WIFI now, so your kids can pass time on the plane with their gadgets.

A Plain Book - Take a book and a glue stick with you, then you can create a holiday book of memories, I have been doing this for the past 20 years with the older kids and it is fab to look back on as the kids get older. You can stick drawings in there, receipts, postcards, photos .... the list is endless and it gives them something to do if they get bored.

Water - I know you can't take this through security at the airport but you can get it from the airport shops and you can then take it on the plane. Not only does it save a bit of money on the plane, but it also means that you have water when you reach your destination. You don't know how long the wait could be to get through customs or how long your transfer will be.

Something with your phone number on - Even if I am only going out for the day, I will write my phone number on Tillys arm or give her a business card to put in her coat pocket. This is in case she gets lost. I did this with the older kids when they were little and I lost two of them in York one day, Scared the hell out of me but luckily they had a card with my phone number on it, so they found someone and gave them the card. Losing Tilly is my worst nightmare because she isn't streetwise at all!

Baby Wipes - She may not be a baby any more, but I always take a pack of baby wipe with me. You can get a small pack of about 20 that are ideal for a day out somewhere. I use them to wash her hands and face, there have been times that she has needed to use them as loo roll because there isn't any in the toilet. I have used them to clean table surfaces when we are out, especially on the train as they get really dirty. i never travel with out them now.

So what kind of things do you take when you travel with kids? What are your must have items? leave me a comment below.