Would You Take A Holiday In Term Time?

Booking a holiday during the school break! MEH!! have you seen how much the price increases? This is my biggest bugbear when I book a holiday, It is always so expensive, sometimes twice the price. That is what lead us to book a holiday that we designed our self last summer and go Interrailing. It cost us as much as a week in an all-inclusive destination for a week, but we were gone for almost 4 weeks.
People with school-age children are less likely to take time off in the school term now because of the threat of fines from the government. Although this personally wouldn't put me off going on a term-time holiday, because the fine of £60 is still cheaper than booking a holiday during the school break. But its the hassle you get from the schools because they are getting hassle from the school board. It is a huge joke really when it is actually all the fault of holiday companies that should actually be fined for hiking their prices in the school break. It's not just the travel agents, it's the flight companies and to m, the worst offenders are the homegrown holiday companies that hike their prices in the school break.

Holiday parks are often the only affordable holidays that some parents can afford, so when the prices double in the school breaks, it makes it out of their reach AGAIN. I know these companies need to make profit to run, but at the cost of kids having a holiday? At the cost of parents risking a fine and sometimes prison for taking a holiday in term time?

Of course it isn't just parents that struggle to pay for holidays in the school break! there are also people that work in the education sector that cannot take a holiday in term time, these people also then have to pay the hiked price in the school break. they have chosen to train to educate our children, But they are penalised like the rest of us, they cant take a week off in the middle of the term - think of the uproar that there would be!

So I ask nicely that holiday companies, flight companies, holiday parks .... the list goes on! How about dropping the school break prices a bit? Or maybe the government need to step in and put a cap on the price of how much a holiday can be increased in the school break. Maybe the government should be working alongside the families instead of penalising them. They would work more effectively then and you will see a drop in school absences.

What is your opinion? Do you take school term time holiday? If you are thinking of taking time off during school, please make sure that you know your legal rights and it might be worth getting up to date with the law.