Visiting Copenhagen With Tilly

So here we are at our last destination, Copenhagen. I had wanted to come here since the older kids were little - but it never seemed the right time to go. So we found ourselves here this summer, and this is how we got on.

Copenhagen is the Amsterdam for kids, It is a city that cares for the environment and they want to be completely carbon friendly within the next few years. There are bicycles everywhere and recycling is a big thing for them.

Copenhagen is of course the capital of Denmark and it was significantly enlarged under the reign of Christian IV of Denmark in 1596 when he decided that he wanted a big city. He enlarged it by the adding new city districts. King Christian IV wanted to turn Copenhagen in to his own Amsterdam and that inspiration led him to commissioning German and Dutch architects and craftsmen. By the time of Christian IV's death in 1648 Copenhagen was in a lot of debt but there was a beautiful city for the world to see. He had been responsible for building the naval port and the town formed to become a great  centre of trade in Northern Europe. King Christian IV certainly left his mark - he forged the city to what it has become today.

There are not as many cars in Copenhagen as you would normally see in a city center, this is because the import tax on cars is so high to prevent people buying them and encouraging them to use public transport and bicycles. But it helps to keep the air clean and helps towards their green living. The public transport is really good and the network goes all over the city. 

There is so much to do in Copenhagen and you will never be bored, it is perfect for families and if you do travel there with a small family, you don't even need to worry about taking all the baby stuff with you because you can hire it all. It takes the hassle out of bringing your pram on the plane, or even car seat. The products are all proper and known baby brands and cleaned after every customer has used it. Denmark is a very family friendly country and your child will love the attention they get from the adults and there are so many child friendly things to do in the city. 

We chose to do a hop on hop off bus tour and there is more details here, but this took us around the city and showed us the best places to visit. I wanted to see NyHaven, the beautiful colourful buildings alongside the canal. I had seen so many pictures over the years but to see it in real life was breathtaking. we took a stroll round there and stopped for an ice cream before heading to the Little Mermaid - Tillys choice for Copenhagen. The Little Mermaid is a statue in the water on the  on a rock by the waterside at the Langelinie promenade. you can get there easily by one of the canal boats or tourist buses. A lot of people sadi they had expected the Mermaid to be bigger, but to us it was just how we had expected it to be. 

For late evening fun, you can go to The Old Town Square, there you will find planty of well named restaurants and some attractions to visit like Ripleys, Believe It Or Not. There is also some entertainment and food carts in the square. If you look next to The Old Town Hall too, you will find a statue of the most famous author from Denmark - Hans Christian Anderson. 

For a fantastic panoramic view of Copenhagen you should visit the Cathedral of Copenhagen ( The Church of Our Lady). It is free to enter and if you go at the right time of the day you can climb (well towards the end, I was crawling) the bell tower. Once you get to the top, you have an amazing view of the city. This is all free and if you are there at about 1pm, you can be inside the tower as they ring the bell, Tilly was lucky enough to be able to be a ''helper'' to the bell ringer and was told to hold a rope and feel the vibrations. It is a working church and open to everyone, there was even a homeless guy in there having a nap. Tilly took the opportunity to say a little prayer, I am not really religious but TIlly seems to be and I encourage her to follow what she wants. 

At the end of our trip we flew home from Copenhagen Airport with Norwegian Air. It was a pleasant experience at the airport and our trip home was easy. Although we were so sad that our trip is over. 


  1. Copenhagen looks lovely, it reminds me of Amsterdam. I would love to see the little mermaid.


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