How To Use The Travel System In Prague

Something that we kept getting confused with as we travelled around Europe was the different transport systems. Each country had its own way of doing things and we had to adjust quite a bit with the different ways. Here we have a guide to help you get around Prague and enjoy your visit there. They have many different ways of getting around the city and here is a little help for you.

This operates between 5am and midnight, you can buy tickets at the stations. The trains run every 2 – 4 minutes in peak times and off peak times they run every 4 – 10 minutes.
Again they run 24 hours a day but the day time buses run from 4.30 am until 12.30 am. They usually run every 6 – 10 minutes and at night time (between 12.30 – 4.30 am) they run every 20 – 60 minutes. Some buses only run selected connections so its always good to check the timetable.

Funicular to Petrin
This operates daily from 9 am until 11.30 pm, you will get a funicular every 10 minutes in the summer and every 15 minutes in the winter.

These operate 24 hours a day, but they have day time trams that run every 4 – 10 minutes and the night time trams run every 20 – 30 minutes. The central transfer stop for the night trams is Larzarska. You can buy tickets from machines at some of the stops of from some shops.

These operate between 4.30 am and 12.15 am, they run every 15 – 60 minutes and you can use this to get somewhere locally or further afield.

Validating your ticket
This bit is important guys, because without validating your ticket it is worthless and you shouldn’t be travelling. The reason I am writing this is because a ticket inspector is authorised to check the validation of your ticket and if you are caught without a validated ticket or even worse caught without a ticket at all, you will be fined 1500 czk. This is reduced to 800 czk if it is paid on the day or within 15 days. The inspectors will show you their badge before they ask for your ticket, so don’t hand money over to anybody who doesn’t.

You can validate your ticket by

  • Using the validating machine near the doors on trams and buses, you only validate it once.
  • In metro stations and the funicular, the validators are on stands at the entrance of the transport area
  • On ferries, the tickets are validated on board
  • On the trains the ticket validators are found on the platform or near the platform entrance.

There is no excuse for not having a ticket and the ticket inspectors do come down hard on tourists, because they have heard all of the excuses before! The travel system is so easy to use once you get the hang of the tickets. Fares are really cheap and are as little as 24 czk for a quick 30 minute trip to 110 czk for an all day ticket. Kids under 6 are free and people over 70+. Its always a good idea to carry identification to prove your age. Babies in strollers are free and so are bicycles. But if your luggage is larger than 25x45x70 cm, then you need to buy it another adult ticket.