Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Be Careful When You Book Accomadation Online - Always Read Reviews

This is the story of how we dragged my 6 year old around Budapest at 10pm at night because it was safer than staying into the the hotel that we had booked into through Booking.com. Now what I am about to tell you is in no way down to booking.com but the property itself. The property was Westend Mini Hotel DO NOT BOOK TO STAY IN THIS HOTEL.

We arrived in Budapest about 7pm and walked to our hotel, we found it next to a pub and the outside looked ….. the only way to describe it was like a slum. We really should have turned back then, but you know that sometimes the outside of buildings look different to the inside, so we carried on and we found our hotel on the second floor. I went up the lift that looked like something out of a 1950’s horror movie!

We found our room and as soon as we walked in, our gut instinct was to walk out, but like all good horror movies you just have to go in and see how bad things really are ….. why do we do this? We put our bags down and we were faced with

  • Dirty and marked towel, simply used and refolded
  • No TV and just a loose aerial wire going across the floor
  • A filthy toilet that hadn’t seen bleach for a long time
  • A dirty table with crumbs from a previous guest
  • Dirty bedding
  • Dirty tissues behind the radiator
  • Dust all over the room, where it wasn’t cleaned properly
  • We couldn’t touch the light sockets as they were so dirty
  • No toiletries or hair dryer in the room as advertised
  • A dirty tissue or sanitary towel shoved behind the radiator, I didn't want to get too close!
And probably worst than anything was when we removed a lamp plug from the socket and the whole socket came away from the wall!

Horrified doesn’t even start to describe how we felt, in fact we were close to tears, can you imagine being in a strange city, where you don’t know the area and you can’t speak the language? You can’t just book a cab as you don’t know a number and you daren’t get in any cab as you don’t know what would happen to you. Through the fact you have a 6-year-old to consider too and basically we were fucked!

Having pulled ourselves together we emailed the hotel, we told them we were not very happy and that we would like to be moved to a different room or we would be finding a new hotel. We were obviously not going to get a better room and after no reply within the half hour we were sat in the room, too scared to touch anything we cancelled the booking and we hunted down somewhere else on booking.com. At this point I would like to say that Hepatitis A inoculation is recommended for Hungary, Now I understand why! I was so pleased Tilly had it. When we left the hotel, the front door was propped open, when it should be closed and accessed only with a code. This could have all ended so differently if we had not been safe at all in the hotel. I just kept saying that I would never stay in a hotel like this in England, so why would I subject my daughter to it as well?

We found a new apartment to stay in, it looked nice on the website, but then so did this hotel! We set up the GPS on the phone and off we set at 10pm, with all our luggage in tow and we found the apartment. Despite it being really late at night, the family that owned it were lovely and they and they gave us the code to get into the apartment. As we entered we closed our eyes as we were not sure what we would walk into, but we fell in love with it and as we sat and hugged each other we could finally laugh about the situation we had been put in. We are looking at booking this apartment again on our return visit to Budapest and if you are interested in staying there too, you can find the details on booking.com. it was £88 for two nights.

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