Three More Sleeps Until We Go To Europe - EEK!

So here we are 3 more sleeps until we embark on our massive trip of Europe. 10 countries in 23 days, can we do it?

The bags have been packed and repacked. Can you imagine having to squeeze everything from your life into a backpack? Okay I cheated, I have a backpack on wheels but I will still end up carrying it some on the time. I have stuffed it full of food just in case we die of starvation and my first aid box is better than the first aid kit that a paramedic carries. Every day I seem to think of new things that I must take on holiday and then I make a swift visit to poundland. Really I am looking at all of my possessions and thinking ‘Do I really need my curling tongs?’ But then I think about how much better you feel with nice hair, so the tongs are an essential travel item. I am even taking less clothes to make room for the tongs.

When we first planned the trip, we had decided that we were not going to tell anyone where we are going, we wanted to be free spirits and come and go as we wanted but sadly due to recent terrorist attacks, we feel that it is something we can’t do anymore and both kimmy and my friends daughter have our itinery to follow us and contact us if they need it. We have also been told to check in to all the places we visit so that everyone can keep an eye o9n what we are up to.

I am excited and so is Tilly, I think she is grasping the whole backpacking idea and she has been practicing with her back pack, I filled it to the brim with all of her belonging and she walked to town and back a few times. My suit case was weighed on my scales and it is a massive 17 KGs! I guess all that food and drink that I have packed does weigh a bit.


Of course I am worried about the threat of terrorism, after all you never know when they will strike, you never know what you’re about to stumble across, So yes I am so worried that I could be taking my baby in to danger – but then it could happen on a trip to London! Nowhere is safe these days. I will protect my baby from harm and that’s all I can do, because if we really thought too much about the threat, then we would never leave our homes.

I am so under budget on our spending money, but you know what? we will just have to do free things and be careful with money.

We will have a wonderful holiday. Please follow us on Facebook Being Tillys Mummy and follow Tillys Travelling Telegram as well as, to share our adventures with us. have a fab summer everyone