A Stay In Tent Village, Interlaken.

When we had decided to add Switzerland to our European trip, we didn't really know what was the best place to visit in the summer so we just looked on a map of mountains and chose Interlaken. It was only two hours away from Basel airport and the accommodation on booking.com looked a good price for Switzerland. I booked Tent Village before telling my friend because camping isn't for everyone. But staying in Tent Village is actually a step up from camping because you get a bed!

It is easy to get to from Interlaken Ost (bus 104 which is a little walk away) and Interlaken West (bus 105 which stops outside the campsite). We were greeted by some friendly staff and given the keys to our tent. The tents are basic, But when you book budget accommodation like a youth hostel as this is, you don't expect the frills. And as many of the people only stay a night or two before moving on, they don't unpack anyway.

There was so much to do on site with a hot tub and swimming pool, so that was Tilly entertained for the two nights we were there! But there are also sports to try and places to relax, including hammock to catch the rays. There was a BBQ and coal that was free to use as well as all of the kitchen facilities you would need except a cooker. There is a fully stocked bar and they have happy hour every evening where drinks were BOGOF. The staff were also able to advise you of the best mountains to climb and we received a free bus pass for the duration of our stay, so we could really explore

There were many people of different nationalities and everyone was chatty to each other and they all welcomed Tilly into their holiday, in fact they thought she was cute - I have no idea what gave them that perception. The only problem we had the whole stay was that we didn't know we needed a different plug for Switzerland and our adapter never fitted so we had to leave all of our smart phones and devices on the bar. Charging was a very slow process as the adapter was charging up 5 other devices at the same time, but it was in the bar, so it would cheeky not to have a little drink or 2 hahaha.

Our night in the Tent Village hostel cost us £121 for two adults and a child in a triple tent. The top bunk doesn't have a child safety bar on it, but there was space to pop a mattress on a floor for Tilly. We loved our stay there and it is a destination I would think of visiting again, The view of the mountains in the mornings is just breaktaking and to wake up in the boiling heat, yet see snow capped mountains is amazing. You can book at www.booking.com.