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So here we are, starting a travel blog to work alongside my other blog www.beingtillysmummy.co.uk. Travel is important to us as a family and I believe that children learn a lot from travelling. It is so important for their life experiences, and they learn more than being in a classroom learning about places. Yes I do disagree with school fines, yet I see why they are in place. My philosophy is that if you can only afford a holiday in term time, then just pay the fine. The fine is still a great deal cheaper than booking a holiday in the school breaks. But saying that, I don't take holidays in the school term because you can get a cheap one by looking on line yourself. And that is what brings us to this blog, I am taking Tilly Inter-railing in the summer and we will be getting in quite a few places at the fraction of the price of a holiday booked through a travel agent. Another reason for choosing now to travel is that I am 44 this year and Tilly is 6 so If I don't do it now, then we will never do it because by the time Tilly is a teenager she wont want to be going back packing with her 50 something mother.

I have always traveled with my children and as well as Tilly who is 6 years old, I have Kimmy who is nearly 24, Zach is 22 and Beth is 20, Here is a picture of them last time we did a huge back packing trip.

We have had a tough year as a family and I am hoping to use this as a kind of therapy for her too. In reality She will probably want to come home after a week hahaha.

I will cover all sorts of travel on here as well as days out, so hopefully you will stick with us and follow as we travel.


  1. Love this Vicky. Can't wait to stay updated with your travels :) xx

  2. Look forward to reading all your fun adventures 😊

  3. Would love to read more posts on the blog.

    Fatima | www.blogsbyfa.com


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