Monday, 25 April 2016

The Day We Went To Dover Castle .....

When the older kids were little, I was a member of the English Heritage and we used to go to so many places. This saved me a lot of money as they grew up because all I needed to do was buy a pass for myself and the kids went in free. We would even travel as far as Northampton to go to a weekend event. As they got older, the membership slipped because as they become teenagers, they didn't want to be going to castles and historical places any more! I mean what teenager would.

My local area is full of historical places and Dover castle is two bus rides away, Kim has  been saying for years that she wanted to take Tilly there to play as she did as a child. So I received a piece of junk mail from them that had a code to get a cheaper membership, the code is EXPLORE8 and the offer ends on 10th June 2016. You will get 12 months membership for the price of 9. This mean't that I got a single parent family membership for £39.00 instead of £52.00. Dover castle is very pricey to get into so it actually worked out cheaper to buy a membership online the night before we went. Since we bought the membership we have been going to all the local castles and have made a visit to Dover castle 3 times.

Last weekend we went to Dover castle again as it was St Georges day and there was an event on to celebrate. I had actually forgotten how much fun these events were and Tilly had a fab time learning about medieval times. I want to share some pictures with you and also recommend English Heritage, especially if you are having a staycation this year.

There is so much exploring to do at these old castles, Tilly especially wants to know what every nook and cranny is for.

Dover Castle was so full of enactments and so much was learn't from the people giving talks about history. Children learn so much more when they go to events like this than when they are reading a book.

There were also opportunities to try the things out yourself. Tilly had a go at archery, making medicines the same way that they did in the medieval times. And she also got to try out some armour and to see how heavy the weapons were.

A good day was had and I really do recommend an English Heritage card, because not only is it a great way to save money but the money also goes back into the properties

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