Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Six Things To Do For Free In London

Tilly is very high spirited and although we live in a small town, she just loves being in the big city! So when we go to London, she is in her element but I always try to do free things. There are so many free things to do, so many hidden gems, here are my top six tips for a free day out in London (apart from train and tube fare)

  • The Street Entertainment - They are everywhere in London, from Covent Garden to Southbank and even on the underground. They are free to watch and it is totally up to you whether you put some money in their cap. We always carry some loose change, because although this is a free activity we always pop some coins in their container because this is their livelihood. On a nice day you can spend hours just watching the entertainment, our favourite spot is on the Southbank as there is so much scenery and we love the hustle and bustle.

  • The Bank Of England - This is a few minutes walk from St Pauls Cathedral and it is so good for kids because they don't just learn about money, they also get to hold a real gold bullion (valued at £350, 000 last week). If you go in the holidays they always have activities to do too, we went last week and as it was Easter holidays, there was an Easter Egg quiz. This not only got their attention and made them look more at the displays but the kids also got an Easter egg at the end. There are loads of activities for the kids to do on the way round and lots of video's to watch too. The Bank Of England is open 10am - 5pm Monday to Friday. You can find more details by clicking the link.

  • The Natural History Museum - Now this can get really busy, So get there for opening because you can be queuing around the museum, then when you get there, go straight to the dinosaurs and do them first because they get extremely popular and busy. You can get right up and personal with the dinosaurs. There is so much to see other than the dinosaurs and again it will be an all day event. It is open Open daily 10.00-17.50 Last entry 17.30 Closed 24-26 December. click the link for more details

  • The Science Museum - This is Right next to the Natural History Museum and easy to get to from South Kensington tube station. Inside you will find so many different things to do from experiments that you can do yourself to learning about medicine and health. There is a chance to explore the universe and art, so there really is something for everyone, you can spend a whole day there and they have somewhere to buy a drink or something to eat. there is also an IMAX theatre available at another cost as well as some cool sleepovers available for kids over 7 (these are an additional cost.) It is open daily from 10.00 - 18.00

  • The National Gallery - This is in Trafalgar square, it is free to get in to but you have the option of paying for other exhibitions. It is open daily 10am–6pm, Friday 10am–9pm and it is well worth a visit. Sometimes you can combine it with an event happening in Trafalgar square. Inside you find so many different galleries and so many different paintings and collections, it is perfect for kids of all ages. Tilly is 6 and she loves to go there, it is so good to get their attention to art and it is so educational. Our personal favourites are Van Gogh, we always make sure we go there. There are usually special events for children and that involves art based activities. The nearest tube is Charing Cross but its also walkable from Leicester Square. There are also a few buses that pass the area. 

  • Hyde Park - This is one of my favourite places to go in the summer because you can see so much greenery and forget you are actually in the centre of London. I covered it last year on my blog www.beingtillysmummy.co.uk, There is the Serpentine to walk around and the gardens are so beautiful. Take some time and smell them, taking in their beauty. Take a picnic and find a spot on the grass for a picnic. You get right up and close to so much nature with squirrels running around and you can feed parakeets. It really is a hidden gem! And it is all free.

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