Wednesday, 30 January 2019

24 Hours In Aalborg

We went to Aarlborg at the weekend. I only booked it because the flights were so cheap and it was a place we went to last year too. I love the Nordic countries and would live in them if I could. So far we have visited, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Only Iceland to go before we have a full set. I was kinda hoping that the flight would be cancelled because I wanted to spend the weekend at home, doing nothing. But as it turned out, it was actually the best weekend in a long time.

In the few days before we went, I checked the weather app (because we all know how reliable they are!) and it said light snow on the day we would be there but it also said rain, so I expected the snow to be washed away.

Before we went to Aalborg we travelled to London through the night. Took in a late viewing of Aquaman, which finished at midnight, then slowly headed from Wood Green Vue to Liverpool Street where we had a two-hour wait for the station to open before we got a 3am replacement coach to the airport. We got to the airport 2 hours before our flight boarded, so there was time for a nap.

How Did We Get There?

We flew with Ryan Air. Not the most reliable airline to be travelling with but when flights are only £4.99 each way, you can't be fussed about the airline really. The bonus is that kids don't pay the airport departure tax when we fly out of the UK, so her flight always works out free BUT if you're travelling with a child, you are forced to prebook seats at the cost of £6 each way. If you are adults travelling alone, then you can save that £6. I prefer to book seats when travelling with Tilly anyway and think that families that don't pre-book seats and just assume they have a right to sit together are not so clever. We always book the back of the plane on Ryan Air, because then we ware one of the first off because the doors at the back open as well as the front doors. The crew on the way out there were lovely. I think they were a Danish cabin crew and we had an English pilot. There is something so sexy about an English airline pilot! On the way back, we had a Spanish cabin crew. I chose not to interact with them because they were grumpy and a trip to charm school would do them the world of good, But then I only paid £4.99 for a trip, maybe the charm was extra? Look out for Ryan Airs special offer flights, they do them every couple of months and with Brexit coming, I think there may be a few special offers coming up.

Where Did We Stay?

I usually book Cabinn hotels when I stay in Denmark. They are cheap, clean and perfect for the two of us. They are budget hotels but much better budget hotel than the UK budget hotels, They usually cost about £70 a night. I always book through and if you use this link, you will get £15 cashback on your stay This time we stayed at Radisson Blu Aalborg. It was a nice luxury hotel and not much more than the Cabinn. It cost me £108 but as I got a special offer from at Christmas, I got £30 cashback on the stay. The Radisson Blu was a lovely hotel. I had the best night sleep in a long time and nothing was too much for the staff to do. There were a gym and a sauna. Tilly's first experience with both of those. Breakfast was included and it was a huge feast! There was continental breakfast as well as a full English and omelettes. I would definitely stay here again. Right outside the hotel is the bus stop to the airport - it couldn't have been easier. There are lots of local places to eat, We ate at a Chinese restaurant that was open until 5am!

What Did We Do? 

We played in the snow. Watching my little girl's face as she squelched through the freshly laid snow was priceless. Watching her throw snowballs at me was adorable. Watching her skid about pretending to ice skating was nervewracking and both of us catching snowflakes on our tongue was memories in the making. It made the whole journey there worth it. To know that I was creating memories for her made me so warm inside.

We also walked around the town, I wanted her to experience the shopping and the money so we bought some roasted caramelised almonds from a street stand and headed shopping. One of her favourite shops is Flying Tiger, so she was thrilled to see one in Aalborg. There are lots of little boutiques in Aalborg and a few of the familiar shops that you get like Starbucks and Pandora. Of course, we had to go shopping in Flying Tiger, it seemed more special to be in the shop in its home country. When I go somewhere different, I like getting lost in the town. You find most exciting places and we came across some great street art when we got 'lost' in Aalborg.

We went to the underground Friary Museum. This was quite an experience because it is completely run free of staff and you just pay 40 Krone for a lift full of people. The lift comes to the surface and you go in. It takes you underground and you walk the museum at your own leisure.

We needed a nap in the afternoon so we had a couple of hours in the afternoon, this gave us the energy to explore Aalborg at night. We walked to the bridge that overlooks the beautiful harbour area of the city. Seeing the city lit up at night was something special, especially with the snow background. We then took a visit to the hotel sauna and gym, not my choice but Tilly had so much fun. She has wanted to use a treadmill for so long! after that we decided we deserved a banging meal, so we nipped to the Chinese for some food to take away and eat in bed.

I crashed out pretty fast that night and left Tilly watching a Spiderman film (in English).

The Airport

The airport is so tiny, you can literally go there an hour before your flight and still have 50 minutes to spare. I love this little airport because you get on and off the planes so fast. You don't need to take your tech out of your bags when you go through security and then the kids get given a colouring book each. It is so friendly there and there is a lounge that costs 149 Krone, when we went in it before, kids were free but now we have to pay for them. So we didn't do it this time. When you arrive at the airport, you will find the bus stop to the city outside the terminal and the bus is 22 Krone, with kids being free. There are taxis too but they are a lot more expensive. We were quoted 200 Krone between the city and the airport, but the bus only takes 10 minutes.

There are only a few gates at the airport so its impossible to get lost there.

We had an amazing time in Aalborg and Tilly cried when we went home. I have told her we will go again next year.

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  1. Looks like a great weekend trip! The museum looks really interesting! Glad your flight didn't get canceled!