Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Money-Saving Tips When Travelling At The Airport

Travelling on its own is expensive and when you had all the little extras it makes the holiday a lot more expensive so here is a small blog post with some tips that I've used myself to save a bit of money wants to travel.

At the airport take an empty bottle through security and fill it up with free water from a water tap, this saves you having to buy a bottle of water and having to pay airport prices.

Take a packed lunch with you and snacks this saves you paying for aeroplane meals and also buying a meal at the airport is quite expensive so you can save a bit of cash doing this way. I also take snacks if I'm travelling to an expensive country because it saves me buying things when I'm out there and also ensures that there is something to eat in my bag for my child.When you arrive at your destination, always look for Budget places to eat

If you can't take a packed lunch by a Boots meal deal when you've been through security go to the boots and choose a sandwich drink and a snack and it's Less than £4, this is a huge saving on buying a meal at the airport or even a meal on the plane sometimes you can even buy yellow sticker sandwiches see you can get them for something ridiculous like 50p to eat on the plane.

 Pre-order your currency and collect it at the airport you probably don't save much money doing this but you save a bit are usually do this and then buy more currency when I'm at my destination.

If you're getting a cab from the airport to an airport hotel use a local firm and not an airport taxi, you'll end up paying twice the price if you use an airport taxi.

 Airport lounges are absolutely fabulous if you're going to be having some food and drinks when you arrive at the airport. So it's well worth booking into a lounge, you pay between £20 and £30 for unlimited snacks and drinks. Some lounges even give you a proper meal it saves an awful lot of money compared to buying a meal and bar prices we have stayed at an airport lounge before and you can find the details here.

Duty-free shopping is not always cheaper! check out perfume prices before you leave for the airport because sometimes the perfume is on special offer of 50% off in shops like Boots or Superdrug.

On your return flight home, make some rolls or sandwiches in the hotel restaurant for breakfast or lunch. This saves a lot of money and even if you have no money left, you still have food to eat. This is great if your plane is delayed.

Do you have any tips to save money at the airport or on holiday?

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