Saturday, 28 October 2017

6 Reasons For Taking A Holiday In Term Time

I have booked Tilly's first actual beach holiday to a hot destination and I know I have more than likely broken the law by doing it. But the fact that it's more than half the cost to go on a holiday in term time, just shows us how we are being screwed over by the government as well as the holiday companies that hike their prices up in the school breaks. Something needs to be done to bring the prices down or people like myself will feel they have no option but to book in term time, accept the fine and the slap on the wrists. I am a single parent with only one school-age child so my fine will be £60. But if I was a two-parent family with three kids, my fine would be £360, still cheaper than the cost of a holiday in the school break. This is where the government are losing out because people will still choose to take their child out of school until something is done to bring down the cost of a holiday. I know it is a worldwide thing, but for a family on a budget then it's going to work better to take a holiday in term time.

Monday, 23 October 2017

What Are The Super Rooms Like At Travelodge?

Between my job as a fragrance advisor for Superdrug and a blogger, I seem to be away from home more than the average person. This often involves a stay away in a hotel, and I must admit that after being a parent for 25 years, it is nice to get away for a child-free night! When I book hotels we normally go for Travelodge because the rooms are perfect for a night or two away. But now have you seen the new style of rooms from Travelodge? Now you can book into a Super Room that offers hypoallergenic firm and soft pillows, blackout curtains and mood lighting. To Freshen up there is 3jet adjustable power shower and instead of just a kettle, there is a Lavazza fresh pod coffee machine. You even get a basket of treats in the room, this always makes it special.