Monday, 9 May 2016

A Day Trip To Dymchurch

Last weekend, as the sun was shining I thought it would be a lovely idea for us to take the bus along the coast to Dymchurch. Although we live on the seafront, it is a pebbled beach and not a proper speck of sand in sight! So of we went with our swimwear under our clothes, sun block in the bag and snacks and drinks.

We bought a £3.25 bus ticket for Tilly and my weekly ticket covered my bus fair, so it was so cheap to get there. With the repetitive questions of 'Are we there yet' will grinding me down, we eventually got there after a couple of hours! I kind of thought that a big bus ride like this would be a good practice for Tilly and when we go to Europe in the summer.

The reason we love Dymchurch is because we have miles of sandy beach and it never seems to get busy. The beach is clean and there are arcades and a small fairground. I suppose I like taking her there because it kinda reminds me of seaside trips when I was a child and then when I took my older children to the beach when we lived near Portsmouth.

When we got there we were so disappointed to see the tide had come in and we we left to sit on the sea wall with what looked liked hundreds of other people waiting for the tide to go out. After what seemed like forever, we decided to go and visit the fair and the arcades, anything was better than waiting for the tide to go out. The best arcade machines are the ones that you put 2p in and try to win the toy that is balancing on the edge. Only Tilly fell in love with a pony that was at the back of the machine! So we put her 2p's in and with quotes of  ''That's a rider'' or ''Good one Mum, that will fill a gap'' Made me realise I shouldn't make her watch Tipping Point as much as we do. So after £2 worth of coppers went through the machine we finally won the horse and Tilly was happy to go to the fair. I am all for taking Tilly to Theme parks but I really do begrudge paying for fair rides individually but this fair ground in Dymchurch was actually really good value for money and it worked out £1 per ride and in fact they never collected her token on a few of the rides, so she actually had 7 rides for her £5. So a good value fair, handy if you have a large family and you're on a budget.

After the fair, it was time to go and get some chips, now we queued quite a while to get some chips so I would recommend that you maybe took a picnic. We ate our chips on the seafront as the tide was going out. It seemed to go out so slowly, but then all of a sudden there was just miles and miles of beach. The sea is shallow and you go out a very very long way before it even comes up to your stomach, so although the sea scares me at time (especially as I am not familiar with this beach, like my own) I felt confident with her paddling. We finally settled down with our blanket on the beach and Tilly spent her time just bringing water back up the beach - We had just waited hours for it to go out, and she wanted the water back here again!
A good day was had by us both and someone was very tired on her long long bus ride home, but at least there was no ''are we there yet''

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