Tuesday, 1 November 2016

10 Reasons To Stay At The Alba Queen, Antalya

Recently we returned form a 2 week all Inclusive holiday to the Alba Queen Hotel in Side, Near Antalya in Turkey. We had an amazing time and we were slightly shocked to see someone wrote a bad review on TripAdvisor, even though they were there the same time as us. These people were actually bragging that they had been given white bands to get into the neighbouring hotel, because they were friends with guest relations so as they were hardly at the Queen, I am at a loss to see how she could find so much wrong with the hotel. I know everyone has a different view to holidays but here are the ten reasons why we loved the Alba Queen

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

42 Things To Know When You Travel Europe As A BackPacker

When we recently travelled Europe by InterRail, we learned a few things that we thought we would share with you. Some of it is common knowledge and some of it is what we discovered along the way. We have listed some travel advice below, you never know we might have some advice that you never thought of. I would recommend that you all travel like this and it really does give a life time of memories

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Sightseeing In Copenhagen

We were staying in Orestad, just outside of Copenhagen and it was a fab place to stay as it was one stop away from Copenhagen and two stops from the airport. We were there for 2 nights and bought a 72 hour bus ticket on the Stromma Bus company, this included bus hop on hop off rides on both green busses of Open top Tours and the red City sightseeing busses as well as unlimited boat tours in the canals and the land train. It as DKK300 and was worth every single Krona of my money. By this time of my holiday I was really skint and struggling for money, so my thought was that if we did this then I would get out of having to pay to get into other attractions that would cost more in the long run.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Visiting Copenhagen With Tilly

So here we are at our last destination, Copenhagen. I had wanted to come here since the older kids were little - but it never seemed the right time to go. So we found ourselves here this summer, and this is how we got on.

Copenhagen is the Amsterdam for kids, It is a city that cares for the environment and they want to be completely carbon friendly within the next few years. There are bicycles everywhere and recycling is a big thing for them.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Taking A Trip To Efteling Theme Park

when we were planning our trip to the Netherlands, we were offered some tickets to Efteling Theme park in Kaatsheuvel. Tilly has grown up going to theme parks and was a regular visitor to Chessington and Legoland but this theme park totally out ranks them in the leader board for one of the best theme parks we have been to.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Travelling To Copenhagen By InterRail

Again as I tried to make the journeys between destinations no more than 4 hours, I found myself in Hamburg. The travel from the Harz to Hamburg was only a couple of hours and we have managed to get a bargain hotel on Ebookers, It was a four star Best Western hotel and it was just gorgeous, It was much needed after the naff hostel we had just been in. I had gone two days with out a shower and to be able to use one, was the best feeling ever. The staff were fab and the hotel was a quick train ride away on the Sbahn.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Visiting Malmo With A Child

If you are staying in Copenhagen, then it would be a shame if you didn't cross the bridge into Sweden to spend some time in Malmo. It is easy to get there and takes just over half an hour from Copenhagen, by crossing the Øresund Bridge. It is about 16 km long  and is a combined road and rail link between Sweden and Denmark. It is a bridge, an artificial island and a tunnel. It is the longest bridge that I have ever been on and was very exciting. When we went to Malmo, we had to change at Copenhagen Airport and before we got on the train, our passports were checked and they were checked again on the train.