Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Visiting Northern California

Today on the blog we have a guest post from Shanna who blogs at where she Empowers and connects women through storytelling and the power of positivity. You can also find her on

The Real Northern California (Hint: Not San Francisco)

If you’re looking for Bigfoot, you might just find him (or her) in Northern California. The vast square miles north of San Francisco is more often than not wild and unruly. Growing up in the San Francisco, I always considered myself a Northern Californian, until my parents moved when I was 16. The real Northern California is actually far and away a different world from San Francisco.

The Drive

Two major highways run the length of California north to south, Interstate 5, which is dry, dull, and boring. It will get you from Canada to Mexico, and it runs straight down the middle of the dry valley land of California. Then there is Highway 101, which runs alternately along the west coast, with peeks at the ocean and through enormous mountains covered with giant redwoods. You will see grapevines in Napa and large-scale agricultural plots in Monterey. It is a beautiful, scenic way to see California, and it is what takes me from San Francisco to Humboldt County and back again.

The Real Northern California

My parents moved to a small city in Humboldt County exactly 300 miles from my doorstep to where my sister lives now, in McKinleyville. McKinlevville was settled by dustbowl migrants from Oklahoma during the Great Depression. They and their descendants actually call themselves Okies from Miskogee, they are proud of their far back Portuguese roots, and they built a beautiful little city on the sea.

Humboldt Bay is home to many little towns along its coast and one big, thriving city, Eureka, where you’ll find a mall, a Costco, some small teenage “gang” activity, a small prison, and an “old town” with so much character it attracts people from all over the country. Humboldt County is where the mountains meet the ocean. You can take a hike through huge redwood trees in Redwood Park that would require ten people holding hands to reach around it, and fifteen minutes later climb rocks above crashing waves at Moonstone Beach.

The weather is usually cool and breezy with the sun peeking out from behind clouds that alternate between dark and angry grey and bright and fluffy. That is when it is not raining. It rains so much in Humboldt that you may as well be in Seattle, Washington.

Go for a Run

Because the weather is so mild, if it is not pouring down rain, one of my favourite things to do in Humboldt is run. I am a runner, but in the SF Bay Area, I have to be careful about my timing. Running at high noon in the Bay is not advisable in most areas. Heat stroke is a real thing here.

But in McKinleyville, when I visit my sister, I look forward to a run at any time of day. My favourite trail is The Hammond Trail, a gravel path that runs between trees, seemingly away from all civilization, weaving in and out of ocean views. You can run this trail for miles and miles as you hit paved roads and run through neighbourhoods and then reconnect with the gravel or dirt path.


If you get a chance, take the drive, visit Old Town Eureka, walk the hills through Humboldt State University in Arcata, and take a run on the Hammond Trail in McKinleyville. You could spend a full week in Humboldt County and still not get a chance to enjoy all the fun food spots, the hiking trails, the beach walks, and the trail runs.

But you should definitely try.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Five Fun Places To Visit In Warsaw For Children

Today we have a guest post from Ania who blogs at She is originally from Poland and is sharing some fabulous places to visit in Warsaw. You can also find her on Instagram and Pinterest

Warsaw, the capital of central European country Poland has recently been the love interest of many travel agencies as an affordable yet beautiful destination that’s suitable for everyone and anyone. Families and couples alike have been praising Warsaw for its crazy nights out, fun day activities and delicious street food to keep your energy flowing.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Tips For A Budget Holiday

When we go away we always try to do it as cheap as possible and quite often it's so much cheaper to do it on your own. I always have people asking me how I afford to go away so often but there are little tricks on how to go on a budget break, and this is how:-


We always book way in advance and we go to either Premier Inn or Travelodge if we are holidaying in the UK, and with Travelodge having the option of Super rooms now, you can get an almost executive stay. We have been known to stay in youth hostels before because you can stay there for around £40 - £60 for a private family room, often cheaper than a hotel, especially in the heart of a major city. To get a good price on a hotel, you will need to book in advance, quite often a few months. We always stay at a Premier Inn next to Chessington World Of Adventures as its 75% cheaper per night than the official Chessington Hotel. We don't get the View of the Safari animals but we can see them when we are in the park anyway. Tilly thinks that every hotel is a holiday. Another Tip for a cheap hotel if you leave it till last minute is to look on hotel websites and pick a mystery hotel. Sometimes you can get a Five-star Hotel for less than £40. In the past I have even mystery shopped hotels and got the whole lot for free :)

Monday, 5 February 2018

Pirates Quest In Cornwall, Half Term Fun

Have you been to Pirate's Quest in Newquay? It is a  walk-through experience about pirates and they have a brand new storyline for 2018 which gives visitors the chance to discover Blackbeard's forgotten legacy, on the 300th anniversary of the infamous captain's death. The new adventure will premiere during February Half Term 10th – 18th for a Special Preview Event. 

Join LIVE performers as they portray members of Blackbeard's Republic of Pirates; a real band of buccaneers who ruled the sea during the 1700s. The crew have travelled to Cornwall in search of the hidden treasure of Henry Every, an infamous pirate captain from Plymouth, who was rumoured to have hidden his vast treasure near Lizard Point in Cornwall.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

6 Reasons For Taking A Holiday In Term Time

I have booked Tilly's first actual beach holiday to a hot destination and I know I have more than likely broken the law by doing it. But the fact that it's more than half the cost to go on a holiday in term time, just shows us how we are being screwed over by the government as well as the holiday companies that hike their prices up in the school breaks. Something needs to be done to bring the prices down or people like myself will feel they have no option but to book in term time, accept the fine and the slap on the wrists. I am a single parent with only one school-age child so my fine will be £60. But if I was a two-parent family with three kids, my fine would be £360, still cheaper than the cost of a holiday in the school break. This is where the government are losing out because people will still choose to take their child out of school until something is done to bring down the cost of a holiday. I know it is a worldwide thing, but for a family on a budget then it's going to work better to take a holiday in term time.

Monday, 23 October 2017

What Are The Super Rooms Like At Travelodge?

Between my job as a fragrance advisor for Superdrug and a blogger, I seem to be away from home more than the average person. This often involves a stay away in a hotel, and I must admit that after being a parent for 25 years, it is nice to get away for a child-free night! When I book hotels we normally go for Travelodge because the rooms are perfect for a night or two away. But now have you seen the new style of rooms from Travelodge? Now you can book into a Super Room that offers hypoallergenic firm and soft pillows, blackout curtains and mood lighting. To Freshen up there is 3jet adjustable power shower and instead of just a kettle, there is a Lavazza fresh pod coffee machine. You even get a basket of treats in the room, this always makes it special.

Friday, 15 September 2017

How To Make The Most Of 48 Hours In Chicago


My name is Anna, I am 23 years old and I am currently working as a flight attendant in Dubai. I love traveling all around the world and enjoy sharing travel tips on my recently launched blog: Feel free to follow me on Social Media for frequent updates and exclusive travel tips if you like this post!

In today’s post, I would like to share top things to do in Chicago with you! I was there at the end of August this year, so please keep in mind that most of the activities